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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rumor Mill: R&B Divas New York is Possibly in the Works! Check Out the Prospects....

*Side Note: This is ALL ALLEDGED and Pure Speculation until I can confirm this info with true resources than it will and should be treated as nothing more than a really good RUMOR!*

Well I kind of saw this coming and hoped it would have came before R&B Divas LA but never the less its a strong possibility so I'm game. R&B Divas New York is in the works and here are some possible candidates: Lisa Lisa, Sunshine Anderson, Tweet, Blu Cantrell, and Adina Howard.

Nicci Gilbert and Faith Evans are considering Lisa Lisa as the anchor for Season 4 of R&B Divas. Since she is based in NYC and is of the iconic artists who bridged the gap of 80s R&B to 90s R&B music, they are hoping for a major YES. Lisa Lisa hasn't publicly or privately confirmed whether she will be on the show or not but she has admitted to being a huge fan of the show. So one can only hope lol, fingers crossed! Tweet was also questioned about her being apart of the show in an interview with a radio station and she was very much willing to make the move and be apart of the show. Sounds like if all the ladies are on board you've some of the cast pulled together.

Here's a Little Background on the Ladies in this Cast:

If you're not sure who Lisa Lisa is lets take a trip down memory lane. Lisa Lisa (and Cult Jam) has had numerous hits from late the 80s to the early 90s. Hits like "All Cried Out" (If your a 90s kid you might remember a group called Allure who remade the song with 112. Same name and everything.), "Head to Toe", "I Wonder If I Take You Home","Let the Beat Hit 'Em", and "Skip to my Lu". 

I've heard most of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's hits. They were very popular and my father a music connoisseur had most of her albums. So as a child I grew up listening to Lisa Lisa. I liked her music and still do to this day. I'm glad she may be back in the spotlight. Lisa Lisa began a phase of music that forever changed how R&B was perceived throughout the late 80s and early 90s. She's a pioneer. 

Sunshine Anderson is a R&B artist who came out in the early millennium. Her biggest hit was "Heard it All Before". One of my favorite songs by her to this day. Shes had other hits like "Lunch or Dinner", "Force of Nature", "Wear the Crown", and"Something I Wanna Give You"

Personally Heard it All Before was the only song I can remember Sunshine Anderson coming out with that was a big hit. I know she collaborated with a lot of artists like Anthony Hamilton and others like him but honestly I didn't think she was still doing music. I hadn't heard anything strong from since her first album. But if she does do the show I'd be really glad because Sunshine Anderson can really sing.

Adina Howard was a mid 90s R&B artist is best known for her sexualized image and provocative songs. Her biggest hit was "Freak Like Me". It peaked at number 2 on the US and US R&B charts, it stayed there for quite some time too. My father loved this song it was played on the radio all the time and he had the edited version because he didn't want us listening to the very provocative lyrics. After that she had some singles that were ok on the charts singles like "What's Love Got to Do with It (with Warren G)", "It's All About You", "My Up and Down", "Chocolate (Cuties & Condoms)", and "(Freak) And U Know It".

In 2011 Adina Howard got married and began living a totally different life. I'm sure she hasn't changed much though.
I liked Adina Howard but she was ahead of her time. She was like the Millie Jackson of the 90s. Very raw, very raunchy and sexually charged. Hope she's on the show.

Tweet is best known for her singles "Ooops Oh My" "Call Me" and "Smoking Cigarettes". All off the debut album Southern Hummingbird. Southern Hummingbird debuted at number three on the Billboard 200, selling 195,000 copies in its first week. It was preceded by the lead single "Oops (Oh My)", which reached number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart. She was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2002 BET Awards, she also received a nomination for Soul Train Lady of Soul Award. In 2005 she released her single "Turn Da Lights Off" off of her second album Its Me Again. It didn't do as well her previous album debuting at number seventeen on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 55,000 copies. After a while it peaked at number 2 on the US Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. And after that Tweet kind of fell off. She did some appearances in TV like The Parkers and in movies like Honey but other than that she was nowhere to be found.

I liked Tweet and I thought she was going to be big but for some reason she wasn't being pushed. I hope she does get back in the studio and adds some diversity to this music scene. When you have a variety of artists to choose from it makes music more interesting. So I hope Tweet signs up for this show and gets it!

Blu Cantrell was famous for her songs "Hit Em Up Style (Oops)" and "Breathe". "Hit Em Up
Style (Oops)" was a single off her debut album So Blu. This song earned Blu, 2 Grammy nominations Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and for Best R&B Song and she also was nominated for American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B New Artist all in 2002. Afterwards Blu Cantrell released her next album Bittersweet the lead single was a song called "Breathe feat Sean Paul", followed up by "Make Me Wanna Scream". Bittersweet was nominated for a Grammy in 2004 for Best R&B Album. She received worldwide attention for this album and the lead single. Afterwards Blu Cantrell's sexual past caught up with her and began to slowly kill her career. Before becoming an R&B songstress Blu posed for nude a magazine. Many people misconstrued the photos and accused her of being a pornstar. Afterwards the only thing you would hear about Blu Cantrell is her nude photos in magazines. The focus on her powerhouse voice and sound was shifted toward scandalous rumors and gossip. After years of nothing Blu is set to release an album this year if it isn't already out called I Am Blu. If she gets on R&B Divas New York she could make a major comeback.

Potential Cast:

Lisa Lisa
Sunshine Anderson 
Blu Cantrell
Adina Howard

What do I think? Well....

I like this selection. Kind of wish they would've done New York before LA. I just don't like LA. Michel'le's voice annoys the hell out of me. But she can sing beautifully, I was floored to realize that she sounds like that. I wonder was that how she sounded as a child as well or did she mess up her voice and she's stuck sounding like that for the rest of her life. Then Lil Mo, something about her just rubs me the wrong way. And Kelly Price has a dogmatic personality very bullish and controlling. But anyway the lineup for R&B Divas New York is pretty strong. Stronger than LA but I have some possible prospects for you beyond what's been put on the table. Once I put out mine you guys tell me who do you want to see on R&B Divas New York!

My Top Picks for Possible Cast Members of R&B Divas New York:
Karyn White

1/2 of Groove Theory Amel Larriuex 


Although at least 1 of the members in each group 702 and Blaque (Natina Reed and Orish Grinstead R.I.P.) have passed, anyone of these ladies would be excellent candidates for the show. But my only issue is the concept. What would be the concept? Are they colleagues working on separate projects? Or is the concept the same as the others: 1 person is looking for other R&B singers to sing for a tribute, showcase, album or something. Its something where one of them has a project they are putting together and then they are trying work together on it. That concept is passe.

Make sure that these ladies know each other and have worked together might even be friends. Make it as real as possible.

What do y'all think? Do you have some candidates they should consider? Did I miss someone?
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*Special Shout Out to Ricardo Garay for the Heads Up!!!!!!

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