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Friday, May 23, 2014

Drunk & Disorderly! Twyla Betha Ma$e's Soon to Be Ex-Wife was Arrested!

Twyla Betha was arrested last month on a DUI charge. She was given a breathalyzer and it was discovered that Twyla had consumed twice the legal limit. She pled guilty to the charge.

But in a strange twist Twyla's church El Elyon International Church has cut its ties with her. The elders, parishioners and even Ma$e himself banned her from the pulpit. Apparently Ma$e believes that drunkenness is blasphemy. And he won't tolerate any insubordination. You see Twyla also preached at the church. The church believes that Twyla is a hypocrite. She preached about the evil of drunkenness and because she committed this sin they are completely on board with this ban.

Ma$e filed for divorce from his wife Twyla in January and now because of this drunk driving charge its being alleged that this is the last straw for him.

This is the kind of stuff that keeps non believers from going to church. It is possible to preach about a sin then commit that sin. As long as you are willing to repent. Then use your experience to help others who have traveled down the path you have it is possible to commit a sin and or preach on it. Pastors, Bishops, and Preachers are human and people tend to forget that.

Let me tell y'all a story. When I was about 19 years old I had been a member of this church for at least 7 years. From the outside looking in you would think that the church was thriving. There was a growing building fund (every black church has a building fund LOL) that was well beyond $20,000 and the membership was expanding everyday. So much so they had to have 2 services and were about to go 3 services for Sundays. My family had become an intricate part of this church. My dad played the guitar at church, worked in the music department and was a deacon. My mother was a deaconess, a prominent member in the choir, and she was apart of the missionary board. But there were flaws, visible flaws in this church.

The whole time the pastor of this church was sleeping with multiple women in the church. Taking them on trips when he would go out of town to preach at other church's. Buying them expensive gifts. Flaunting these gifts in front of his wife and children. There was a woman in the choir who was sleeping with the pastor and had the exact same ring that his current wife received as an anniversary gift. He was extremely flirtatious with many of the women in the church. Till this day no one knows how many women he's actually had affairs with in this church or his current church (I pray that he's learned his lesson.). There were politics and cliques. People were protecting the pastor like he was the god father or something. But when the church got fed up they held a meeting and ousted the pastor and his family. The pastor packed up his things and created a new church which I hear is thriving (many long time members followed the pastor to his new church). Shortly after the church hired a young pastor with a wife and 5 children. He was not very educated in the word of god and had no idea how to run a church. He had never been a pastor of an entire church before. But the people who were so desperate to get a pastor in the church accepted his false college credentials and voted him into the church illegally [every church has by-laws. the by-laws will state how a pastor is placed into position at a church it usually by vote]. Afterward he began demanding heavy amounts of money even though he knew the church was working with limited funds. And top it all off his teaching and preaching skills were lackluster and left a lot to the imagination. He alienated key members of the church like my family leaving most of the members no other option but to leave and find a new church home. Long story short they lost more members than they gained within 3 years and now he has left the church destitute. Packing up his family and moving on to his next con. And the church is left to fend for themselves without a pastor and broke.

I said all that to say this. Preachers are people. They are no closer to God than you or me. So it is not hard to see that people can fall from grace and make major mistakes. But as a christian we have to be forgiving and be understanding. Now I didn't say naive and stupid. I said understanding and forgiving. Kicking her out of the church was very hypocritical and just made the church look like they felt they were better than that. Which I'm pretty sure they're not. Your sending the message that we won't tolerate slip ups and mistakes. As a pastor it is expected to have conviction and be the standard of what we as the congregation would look up to. But as the congregation we expect perfection. And when we don't get it we become judgmental. Its wrong. Now I can understand if she was a repeat offender and they've tried to help her on many occasions to overcome her problems. Or if she was just causing discomfort and stirring up trouble in the church then the church would have to act in the better interest of the church as a whole. But if this is the first time this has occurred and she was under duress at the time. Depressed, shaken and upset even a person who knows what their doing is wrong will commit an act that is out character. It happens. I think the church should've rallied behind her and helped her. But instead they are alienating her and could possibly be the cause of the beginning of her downward spiral.

I hope Twyla gets help for everything she's going through. As a christian I was always taught to help those  in need and to try not to judge and be hypocritical. I just want the world to know that not all churches are like this and if you want to experience church for yourself then find a church you feel close to and visit.

Source: SOHH & HelloBeautiful