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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Messy Divorce on the Horizon! Sherri Shepherd and her Soon to Be Ex-Husband Both File for Divorce and Its Not a Clean Break!

The news about Sherri Shepherd and her impending divorce has come down. Its sad when a couple splits. Sherri Shepherd has been divorced before and is now on the verge of her second. In her first marriage she was cheated on and it hurt her terribly. She re-married this man in 2011, a writer named Larry Sally. Sherri was under the impression that Larry was able to support himself on his own income and he would be contributing to the marriage. But allegedly that is not the case. Allegedly Sherri was fed up with Larry's laziness and threw him out of the house. Shortly after parting ways with this wife, he went to make it official by filing for divorce (info via HuffPost Live).

In Larry Sally's divorce papers he is asking for spousal support, legal and sole custody of their unborn child, and he wants a protective order preventing Sherri from "interfering" with the child's birth in July. When Sherri got wind of the divorce she went down and filed her own documents of divorce. But in her divorce filings she has not mentioned their unborn child.

Sherri Shepherd and Larry Sally had a pre-nup. But Larry is expecting the pre-nup to be thrown out on the absurd claim that the pre-nup was fraudulent. Either way Sherri is expecting the pre-nup to be upheld and it states that Larry will receive $60,000 for their 3 year marriage and that is it. That means that spousal support could be thrown out. Which gives me the sense that he only wants custody of the child because child support. He could be receiving monetary payouts for that child until he/she turns 18 and maybe even beyond that.

Hopefully the courts won't rule in Larry's favor. I just don't think this is right and it sounds really fishy. Larry Sally has obtained the same lawyer Kevin Federline retained when he and Britney Spears went through their divorce. But I don't think the divorce will go the same with Larry Sally as it did with Kevin Federline. Britney Spears was obviously not the best choice at the time to be a full time mom and I think thats why Kevin Federline was able to receive full custody of his kids. But in Larry's case Sherri Shepherd is fully capable and has proven to be a DAMN GOOD MOTHER and it would be in the best interest of the child to be with its mother after birth, not the father.

This whole situation is unfortunate but I hope in the end the judge does the right thing for the sake of the child.

Good Luck Sherri Shepherd we're all rooting for you!

Source: UsWeekly and TMZ