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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


WARNING: The first part of this blog will read as if the rumor is true. So this is my feelings about it if it is true. 

Well, well how the mighty have fallen. I find it funny that some of the people on this list were true ass holes on the last season of Love and Hip Hop New York and now they are no longer on reality TV, so sad. Karma's a BITCH!

Anyway got an email from z107.9 (cause I'm subscribed to their site) in the title of the email it says Love and Hip Hop fires Staff! I'm thinking okay which of the producers got fired. But when I looked at the article it was actual cast members who got the boot! These select cast members were: Consequence and Jen the Pen, Loreal, Raqi Thunda, Winter Ramos, and Kailyn. I say good riddance to Raqi Thunda and Consequence. Something about those two that just rubbed me the wrong way. Consequence is a arrogant, chauvinistic asshole. And Raqi Thunda is an opportunist. I don't like the way she operates. She's very shady. Anyway Jen the Pen I'm not sad that she's gone but you couldn't have her without Consequence. With the way he operates there's no way he would let her do anything without his say so. Loreal she was alright, not trying to be rude but her music was wack and there was no reason for her to be on the show at all (can say the same thing for Erica Mena and Karlie Redd but that's a topic for another day. oh and by the way I know that Karlie Redd is on LHHATL but her music is of equal quality to Loreal and Erica Mena #horrible #imjussayin). Kailyn, I'm actually sad to see her go. She seemed like a very young easily persuaded girl. She seemed inexperienced in the world as an adult. She carried herself like a child for the most part (blindly loyal and unconditionally in love with Joe) and I really felt bad for her. I wish she would've been able to stay. So maybe she could find her way, flourish, and make her mark on the world without Joe. Not to say that Joe is a bad guy, I really like Joe Budden but he isn't the one for her. And Winter Ramos not even familiar with her one bit so I don't care whether she stays or goes.

However fellow cast mates: Joe Budden, Olivia, Erica Mena, Yandy, Rich Dollaz, and Tahiry have all be asked back to the show along with new cast member K. Michelle. Rashidah Ali has yet to be confirmed as a guarantee for Love and Hip Hop New York.

The reason why this alleged is because this story originates from Mediatakeout and they are known for reporting lies and rumors as fact. So until I see reputable sources reporting this I will treat this as nothing more than a RUMOR!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Well this is disturbing. 

(Found This on TheGrio it was from October of 2012. Couldn't Hold My Tongue About It I Had to Voice My Opinion)

At Waverly high school in New York City, 3 students competed in a contest to be "Mr. Waverly". Their entry was to re-enact Chris Brown and Rihanna's 2009 incident. This dispute is the main reason for Chris Brown's infamous status and his troubles with the law. These 3 students chose to re-enact this entire scene in front of students, parents and faculty at a pep rally for the school. The students even went so far as to paint themselves in brown paint to provide a more accurate re-enactment of the dispute.

Former students of the school were outraged. Here's some of their statements via CNN:
Former Waverly High School student Vlad Chituc said, 
“I think it’s unconscionable that such blatant racism has been tacitly approved two years in a row.”
Another former student, Hannah Van Wie-Desisti, said, 
“I used to be so proud of where I came from. Not so much now due to the recent incident. I found it unfathomable that the faculty would not only approve this idea for the skit in the first place, but allow it to go on during the pep rally. I honestly don't believe that the students meant to offend, but were just ill informed of how offending their skit actually was. The staff should have stopped it before it even started. By acting like the skit was acceptable, they are teaching their students that racism is okay and that abuse is humorous.”
The school district superintendent Joseph Yelich said,
“The Waverly School District is committed to creating a positive atmosphere through our activities,”
“I will be working with our building administrators, our staff and our students to examine our current activities and develop future activities consistent with our commitment.”
 A question that has been asked is Where were the faculty? Well they were sitting right there watching and cheering the performance. It was viewed as if nothing was wrong and simply a satirical interpretation of pop culture. Another question that pops into my head is one of the former students Vlad claims this is the second incident of "racist antics" at this school that have been allowed. I'm just shocked that this is even allowed. School is supposed to be and is a sanctuary for some students. They are supposed to feel safe and can escape their home lives especially if they are having a hard time. But I know I would never EVER send my child to this school EVER in life if I moved to NYC. I would go broke paying for a private school before I let that happen.

I'm so sad to blog about this. Lee Thompson Young best known for his work as Jett Jackson on Disney has died. Its being reported that it was a suicide although I hope that is not true. I hope and pray that is just a tragic horrible accident. 

Lee Thompson Young was one of my favorite actors. I loved Jett Jackson as a kid and I had a major crush on him. He seemed very charismatic on screen and had a certain vibe about him that was unmatched. Bet you didn't know Lee wrote on the Pilot episode of Jett Jackson! Crazy talented!

Whether he played a villain or a good guy he was an excellent actor dedicated to the role. You can tell by his body of work. Lee Thompson Young has been in many movies, several guest spots on hit television shows, and of course starred in a few shows of his own. He was only 29 years old when he died. 

Here's his body of Work:

TV(Guest Spots and Full Roles)

Rizzoli and Isles as Detective Frost (2010-2013)
CSI: NY as Kelvin Moore (2012)
Smallville as Victor Stone/Cyborg (2006-2010)
The Event as Corporal Bell (2011)
FlashForward as Al Gough (2009-2010)
The Good Guys as Eric Williams (2010)
Scrubs as Derek (2009)
Lincoln Heights as Julian (2009)
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles as Agent Stweart (2008)
South Beach as Alex Bauer (2006)
Kevin Hill as Levi (2005)
Xiaolin Showdown as Jermaine (2005)
The Proud Family as Teen Bebe (2004)
The Guardian as Levi/Levi Mooney (2002)
Philly as Steven Hicks (2002)
Jake 2.0 as Prince Malik Namir (2003)

Movies (TV, Shorts, and Big Screen)

Friday Night Lights as Chris Conner (2004)
Johnny Tsunami as Sam Sterling (1998)
Jett Jackson: The Movie as Jett Jackson/Silverstone (2001)
Redemption: The Stan Tookie Williams Story as Charles Becnel (2004)
Akeelah and the Bee as Devon (2006)
The Hills Have Eyes II as Delmar (2007)
Five Year Plan as Mutabi (2008)
Just an American as Curtiss Jackson (2012)
Bastard as Passenger 1 (2010)
Mano as Machito (2007)

PS: I don't want to delve any deeper into his death. I would like to remember him in good spirits. So if you want full details on his death, how he was found or anything like that please visit the source at the bottom of the page.

Rest easy Lee Thompson, you are and will be truly missed! R.I.P.

Source: CNN

R&B Queen Toni Braxton had a concert in New Brunswick, NJ. She was performing and unfortunately the back of her dress fell down. Fell down low enough to expose her behind. A fan caught the footage and sold it to TMZ who of course blasted it all over the internet.

This video shows its not as bad as it seems. She has on flesh colored bodysuit so its not that bad.

So let's just get over it, it happened now move on. Besides Toni's no stranger to showing skin. You remember her 2001 Grammy Dress that showed damn near everything! She couldn't hide nothing in that. And from what I hear stylist Tameka Raymond was her stylist back then.

Source: HuffingtonPost

Friday, August 16, 2013

First off let me just say this is the dumbest debate in the world, the people who have a problem with the commercials are the ones setting black people back. #imjussayin

I can't understand for the life of me what the problem is with these commercials. I think the commercials are cute and smart on Kmart's behalf. 

Kmart has come under fire for their commercials that are currently in circulation. A kids rap group named the Da Rich Kidzz from Minneapolis, ranging from ages 10 to 13 are seen rapping in the video about the clothes and the available selection for back-to-school. 

Da Rich Kidzz are a kids rap group from the Minneapolis area. they are apart of the after school program sponsored by the YMCA called Beats and Rhymes. All the songs in every commercial are songs that the kids themselves wrote.

The Founders of the Beats and Rhymes program are Matt Kjorstad and a 7th grade artist Dameon Jones. They sat down with MSNBC's Craig Melvin and talked about the program:
"A lot of our young people love hip-hop, love music. This is a chance for young people, like Dame, to get into the studio and work with incredible staff everyday."
But not everyone is as enthusiastic about the commercial as Kmart and its supporters. Comments on their YouTube page for the video suggest that people are outraged by the commercial. For instance a YouTube user named djokawar wrote:
"This commercial sets black people back about 100 years. This black criminal subculture that has become mainstream is the worst thing for the black people."
WTF? Are you serious? 100 years? GTFOH! 

But there are those who posted support for the ads:

 YouTuber Dyverse said: 
"I love this so creative."
YouTuber Justusfive1 said: 
"How are people mad because of a commercial i swear people have no lives at least their talking about school an not drugs,guns,a**, an loads of money their talking about clothes for school an a damn bus i swear people are never satisfied smdh"
The Grio's managing editor Joy Ann Reid join a conversation that was had on MSNBC Thomas Roberts that discussed Kmart's re branding strategy (and I'm paraphrasing here) but here's a compilation of what was said:
"These kids are rapping about school clothes, their school bus, and their lockers, not thug language. This is how kids talk everyday whether they are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, doesn't matter. This is mainstream pop culture." 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


In chaotic #LoveandHipHop News: Stevie J has a potential baby mama in the wind? Apparently there is a woman who is apart of Stevie's massive arsenal of "#PopcornHoes, #MicrowaveableBitches" [Gotta Shout out DJ Traci for that one! Love that line! LOL] or better known to Stevie J as one of his "artists" is claiming that she is or was (its unclear at this point if she still is with child) pregnant by Stevie J. Confused? Yea I was too but not surprised. Don't fret people I will explain in due time! Its insane that this is even a topic but I'm going to give it to y'all straight no chaser.

Here's the deal, there is an aspiring rapper and her name is Promise B Mae. Apparently she and one of her former friends fell out. And the friend decided to put her on blast via Bossip.  Well read it for yourselves here's what the former friend said via Bossip:
I’m a former friend of “PROMISE B MAE” and yes she is pregnant by Stevie. They have been keeping this on the low for a minute. Up until the whole marriage thing with him and Joseline they have been seriously beefing, so she told me about a week ago that she will be having an abortion if he doesn’t get his isht together and stop keeping her a secret for TV purposes and because of Joseline. Long story short she changed her number, and since then I ran into Stevie and of course he asked about her and whether or not I had her new number, so we began to talk and I slipped up and told him about the abortion. After she sent the screen shot she called me to see if i received it and to ask me if i told Stevie because only a few people know. I admitted it and the convo got real heated, words were exchanged and it got real ugly so, if that’s how she feel this is how I feel. F**k that b***h her secret is no longer safe with me. - See more at: Bossip
The former friend of Promise Be Mae sent the screen shots of the Instagram messages to prove it (Photos provided via Bossip):

Promise B Mae's name has been in the news for this kind of behavior before. A few months ago Promise B Mae was pursued by engaged NFL Quarterback Cam Newton. Not sure if she accepted his advances but she didn't turn them down either. Here are the screen shots from that encounter too via Citizenstars (<----- click the link to read the article about Cam Newton).

Obviously she sent the messages to the website Citizenstars cause who else would have sent those messages? But I mean whatever you have to do to be famous. This will be your only measurement of success sleeping around with famous men for FREE:

Anyway it seems Promise has moved down in my opinion by going after Stevie J. Cam Newton is prime time bonafide superstar status. Then you move on to Stevie J, Really?! Well I guess I get it. Stevie J's got the connections to be famous in music so I can see she why she would want to potentially cross paths. Anyway she's not a pillar of the community so basically birds of a feather, LOL. I hope Stevie J has warned Joseline about this or at least told her before they got "married". If not Joseline just might kill that man.

Here's how Promise B Mae and Stevie J met (not that it matters!) via Citizenstars:
So I flew to Atlanta from Cali to visit my homegirl a few days ago we went out the night got there because it was a few people she wanted me to meet cause i'm a music artist so we were basically networking, and of course as usual she put me on the spot and had me perform some of my music, and it went very well, and to make a long story short while performing I saw my homegirl in the crowd talking to stevie j which I didn’t even know was there but bout time I was done doing my thang he was gone but at the end of the night when we got back to the house she told me he asked about me and she gave him my instagram and this is the outcome, and yes I responded but ya don't need to see all that all I got to say is watch out Ms Joseline Hernandez PROMISE B MAE is in the Building to Kill, Steal and Destroy!! I HAVE THE SCREENSHOTS” - See more at: Bossip

Everyone knows that Stevie J is a dog, even Joseline Hernandez knows that. But women are still pursuing this guy even though they've physically seen with their own eyes how Joseline and Mimi have struggled with him in their relationships. Yet this new chick Promise B Mae is bragging about the fact that she's the next Joseline. Joseline and Mimi both have real pain and its difficult to understand why a woman would want to put themselves in her position. The scariest part is that these women are just getting pregnant to be famous and have some money. Children are not being brought into the world with love and affection they are being brought into the world as someones personal bank account.

Promise B Mae you are one sad individual and something is truly wrong with you when you have to threaten a man with abortion just to make sure he does right. Ignorance is bliss apparently and to be honest you would have to be ignorant and completely numb to do or say something like that with a human life growing inside of you. I hope in the end this attention and however minuscule it was, was all worth it!

Well there may be a new cast member #loveandhiphopatl. Another messy ass woman when will it end! If Promise B Mae has her way she will be on #LHHATL

Source: Bossip
Well Kris Jenner has decided to make her name synonymous with someone I never thought would ever be associated with her President Barack Obama. Here's what President Obama said in an interview for Kindle Singles via
“The American Dream involved some pretty basic stuff. A good job where you felt some security. A good education… People felt if they worked hard they could get there… I don't think people went around saying to themselves, ‘I need to have a 10,000-square-foot house’… I think, there has also been a shift in culture. We weren't exposed to the things we didn't have in the same way that kids these days are. There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Kids weren't monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.” 
- See more at:

 Now listen and watch Kris Jenner's response on her talk show Kris:

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chris Brown is in the news again but not for any beef or violent act. Chris suffered non-epileptic seizure during his while at the recording studio. What was the cause of this seizure? Insurmountable stress and negativity from former fans and non-supporters. At least that was part of the statement given by his camp after 911 was called and the paramedics examined him. Chris' doctor is the one who stated the cause of the seizures was high stress. According to Brown released a tweet on Twitter saying:
 “They won’t love u until u r a memory…”
He also hinted in a tweet that his next album X, would probably be his last and then wrote,
“I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18.”

Chris I hope you get better and began a MUCH NEEDED healing process. Good Luck, #RealTalk!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Ms. Joseline Hernandez has a few choice words for her "Haters":

“Well, I'm the baddest b—- out there in the streets. [They say] ”how dare this little immigrant girl come from Puerto Rico [and] just become a star.” You know I hate that s—! They're jealous. Shout-out to Tamar Braxton, she wants to be a bad b—- like myself but she can’t be. She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years? [It’s been] f—–g 20 years since her sister [Toni] was a star. They don't understand how a girl like me can come out and be this, but I have talent. It’s not my fault. When you got talent, you got talent. Shout-out to the haters; I love the haters. I do it for your amusement.”

Tamar Braxton has had some choice words for Joseline Hernandez and her antics on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. However Tamar has nothing to be jealous of. Tamar is a powerhouse singer and one of the realest celebs I've seen in a long time. Joseline is good at what she does obviously she has talent and can be marketed as an international rap star. I like Joseline and I wish her much success. But here's the thing Tamar Braxton is in a totally different class than Joseline. Tamar is a heavyweight, Joseline is a featherweight. Going up against a artist like Tamar and her music mogul husband is a recipe for disaster. I know Joseline is just defending herself and being strong with her words as usual but let's be clear, Stevie J will never be Vincent Herbert Point, Blank, PERIOD. So Joseline you mad cool but you are WWWAAAAYYYY out of your league. I'm just giving you fair warning! #ImJusSayin

Joseline looks great on the cover and inside of rolling out mag. I wish her much success and continuous growth. Go head Joseline you on your way girl! 

Here are some more shots of her in Rolling Out Magazine:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

In North Carolina, 26 year old Pastor Rodney Willis was about to hit his four year anniversary as the Pastor of Mt. Salem Baptist Church before he was fired from his position without notice.

According to Mt. Salem Baptist Church's deacon board, Pastor Willis was not suited for their church. Their reasoning for firing Pastor Willis was because he attend a Rick Ross concert and was spotted by other church members. The deacons released a statement saying:
“We cannot have our leader supporting people of this world who are tearing down the kingdom of God.” said Deacon Miles Langley.
He attended a Lil Wayne concert earlier this year and was reprimanded for that as well. Once word got back to the deacon board that Pastor Willis attended the Rick Ross concert, an emergency meeting was called and Pastor Willis was voted out 11 to 3 by the deacon board. Unfortunately for Pastor Willis he was exed out without any notice at all. He showed up to preach morning service that Sunday and he realized that his name was removed from his parking spot. They even got a guest preacher to preach all the services for that day.

Deacon Miles Langley also said:
“We know that many saints will have mixed opinions from our actions, but this is not how we do things here at Mt. Salem. We cannot have a pastor praising the world one minute then praising the Lord the next. Period” said Deacon Langley.
What's killing me is Pastor Willis wasn't notified that he was fired. I don't understand what was so hard about having a meeting to let him know that he violated the rules of the church and had to be let go because he didn't live up to their standards. He should've gotten a heads up and not made to look like a fool. has an open dialogue video with 2 other Pastors on the subject:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shocker....(Note the Sarcasm), Mary Jane AKA Alexis is on every radio outlet and she's just talking talking talking! This woman is really trying to capture her 15 minutes of fame! In the interview Tigger asks her "Did you know he was married?" I would imagine the question was for clarification. Her response was "Of course I knew. But she gave him a pass, they were on a break" Really? REALLY? That is such a cop out! She knew damn well that's not how it went down. Her nonchalant attitude is crazy. She has no feelings of being sad or remorseful about it. She just acts like it was another day in Atlanta for her while the rest of the world is ready to lynch her ratchet ass. All this calm cool and collected act lasts for a few seconds until Bambi shows up! Watch in VIDEO BELOW:

This isn't the first time Ms. Mary Jane has put herself in someone elses marital woes or marriage. Mary Jane also has struck up with the likes of Shaq during his marriage to Basketball Wives Queen Shaunie O'Neal. Mary Jane's former makeup artist and friend claimed that Shaq hurt her badly and that Mary Jane was taken advantage of. She claimed Mary Jane was a young mother who was vulnerable and borderline Bi-Polar. She says that Shaq strung Mary Jane along under the guise that she would be his woman and he was leaving his wife. Then in 08 she filed a restraining against Shaq claiming he threatened her. This charade continued for more than 2 years!

Mary Jane made no qualms about her affairs with married men. She's even boasted about it. More recently garnering blog talk about her twitter quote "Hide Your Husbands". And then in a radio interview she was also quoted saying "A Man is Either Going to Marry a Hoe or Cheat on His Wife With One." Well I guess we all know what she classifies herself as! LOL

Now Lets Look at the Situation In It's Entirety....

As a woman you expected a married man to be honest with you and committed to you while he was in a full blown relationship with his WIFE? Hmm...Mistake #1. You then go on national TV about 5 years later (who knows how many married men you've been with in that time frame) and publicly PUBLICLY sleep with a man you know damn well is MARRIED and on top of that you know HIS WIFE AND SHES PREGNANT WHICH U ALSO KNEW!! Mistake #2. Then you get upset because people are judging you and chastising you because of your LACK OF RESPECT. And then you decide to tell everyone in the world to "Hide your Husbands" Mistake #3. Then you capitalize on your trifling ways by going on every blog, radio and or TV show that will have you and discussing it like your talking about walking down the street. That's sad. Mistake #4 and the nail in your coffin.

Mary Jane I see you coming a mile away. You are a groupie X50. You will do anything in your power to make yourself popular and relevant that includes being a party to ruining a 15 year relationship. You are a poster child for women put their stock in a man. Stupidity is written all over your face. Basically putting a sign on your ass that says FOR SALE. Why couldn't you be a classy hoe and be private about it? Keep your panties on until the doors close or rather the cameras are off. You are constantly in a hustle state always looking for a man who has money to take care of you or fame for you to latch on. Honey you are ratchet as hell. Do I think your Bi-Polar? HELL NO! Until I see some proof you'll just be a dumb hoe, PERIOD. I'm sorry for the harsh words but you are not even trying to be remorseful for the woman whose life you just RUINED ON NATIONAL TV!

Rasheeda may be a lot of things but at least she's real. I can't take that from her. I have to give her that. She's also pregnant with his child, have some respect for their relationship good or bad and keep your ASS out of it. And I'M THROUGH!

Sources: NecoleBitchie & zHipHopCleveland
Erica Dixon has moved on and to a model no less. Model O'Shea Russell is currently Ms. Erica's new boo thang LOL. Check out their social media love below:

Congrats Erica! I'm glad you're moving on and making new moves. Let's see where this will take you!

Source: HelloBeautiful

Well ladies and gents Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has finally come to an end. *Sigh, I'm going to miss the hair pulling, name calling, baby daddy, cheating, lying a** men drama that fills this show. Its a roller coaster ride and it definitely sometimes makes you want to pull your hair out.

Interestingly enough a little tidbit about the reunion show was false and one of the cast members confirmed it. If you read my blog regularly then you would have seen a little post I posted awhile back I think maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago that Shay Johnson was throwing major shade (as usual) at Erica Dixon on the radio Click Here to read it! She mentioned the reunion and what was going to be said about Erica and her sexual trysts with a married man and how she got pregnant by the man. Well it was all FALSE! 100% FALSE. And who might you ask started this rumor, this ugly vicious rumor? Why none other than former POTHEAD and self proclaimed Prince of the South...Lil Scrappy. Thats right Scrappy admitted that it was just a LIE, that he himself made it up! Wow, you had to sink that low? Anyway. Erica has some choice words for Scrappy during the reunion and apparently he didn't like what she said because he came up with this vicious lie. Craziness.

Well dumbass Shay tried to spread and confirm the rumor on the Breakfast Club at Power 105. She'll do anything to make herself look better. But like I said before you can't change your position in this love triangle and the more you try to justify it the worse off you'll be, trust! I'll admit like I said in my blog before if it was true can I believe it, Yes. Only because of her past history. She wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders. Scrappy made a fool out of her on national tv and she still accepted his proposal. Knowing his past history and the current history I don't think accepting the proposal was a good idea. But you live and you learn.

Anyway Scrappy recently did an interview with VLADTV and he admitted to it being just a BIG OL' LIE! Here's an excerpt of what he said via

“It got a little heated and you know Erica said some things about me that was kinda negative and wasn’t right. So you know, I was just acting out in the heat of things you know what I’m saying? Just going HAM, just going cold f-cking turkey. Not that it was right for her to say anything, but it wasn’t right for me to answer back with that,” he said. “She wasn’t never messing with no married guy and I know she was never pregnant by nobody. I would have been stopped messing with her. For real, like it would have never gone this long. I would have been said something you feel me? But um, I just want to tone that down because that is a lie.”
He then explains how his real friends and family held him down while in rehab:
“Ain’t nobody really was messing with me when I was in my little rehab situation…I had one person that was, shouts out to Bambi, came to visit me a couple times. Erica, shout out to her. She came and brought my daughter to see me. I was able to see my daughter and Erica for Father’s Day. Other than that, I keep a distance from Shay because she really wasn't instrumental in my rehab situation,”

Funny, did you really expect her too? A woman scorned is just that. She had no other attachment to you beyond the bond you established while you were high. Interestingly enough after you clear your head and get rid of the cobwebs she's nowhere to be found. Its just funny. But she (and Scrappy too) was quick to make Erica look like a homewrecking hoe on the radio and national tv. Hmmm, and you're surprised she didn't visit you in rehab? What's also interesting is how Momma Dee was trying to push this same chick on you and just blatantly dismiss Erica. I didn't see her berate and annihilate Shay for not visiting you in rehab. No matter how much Erica tries and does for you, Momma Dee still considers Erica a "Bitch" and unfit to be in the castle (whatever the hell that means) Why? Because she has no problem telling you about your self? Scrappy I hope after rehab you have cleared your head and are thinking clearly. All this is BS! You need to be by yourself and work on yourself. Figure out what you want and what you need. Then maybe later on down the road you and Erica can be together. If not then find someone who is strong enough to deal with you, your mother, and the drama that comes with it. Cause I can tell you this, that is going to be a difficult task because every woman in America has seen what you have done and what you're capable of. You're going to be alone for a long time (no matter how much coochie is thrown at you), its just the truth!

So thats that. That little piece of info that was put into the universe was a nasty and cruel rumor. So sad. Glad that he cleared that up and polished the reputation of his former fiancee and mother of his child. Starting out with the changes I have to say that was a grown man move, Good for you Scrappy you're finally growing up and taking responsibility.

Source: HelloBeautiful

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hip Hop Mogul and all around businessman Shawn "JAY Z" Carter just gave his entire staff $50,000 in a BONUS! Eff working for P. Diddy, I want to work for JAY Z! When I say all Roc Nation Employees got the raise I mean ALL Roc Nation employees got the raise. The source provided through said:
"Jay is extremely generous with his employees. He understands that when the employees are happy it will benefit him in the long run." 
They went on to say:
"He's extremely generous with his wealth. Most celebrities are extremely cheap but not Jay. He also has a Christmas bonus coming up for his employees as well!" 
Well lucky you! Any good business person understands that keeping your employees happy will eventually give you a huge return on your business speaking in terms of product quality, production, and revenue. When employee morale is up business is up! 


SOURCE: HelloBeautiful