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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shay v. Erica...Shay "Buckeey" Johnson @ The Breakfast Club Just Riding Erica. Hmm...Seems Like Erica was On to Something about Her Mouth

Well Shay is trying to keep herself in the limelight by busting Erica allegedly. Shay was on The Breakfast Club on Power 105 and she was there to basically out Erica and discredit her from being the victim of Scrappy's infidelity to alleging that she was the original cheater during her relationship with Scrappy. Mind you all the information Shay is spewing came from Scrappy. Just something to keep in the back of your mind. 

Now the reunion for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was tapped last week. It was a lot revealed at the reunion apparently. One of the things Shay decided to share with the entire world including the Breakfast Club was that at the reunion Scrappy revealed how Erica was sleeping with a married man and got pregnant by him! Wow shocking! She also alleges that Erica cheated on Scrappy first. She claimed Erica cheated early on in the relationship and that's when Scrappy started sleeping with other women, that's when he officially began cheating.

Let me tell you why this information that Shay is releasing is not surprising. First off all Shay is doing all this because of something that happened last year. But her anger is misguided. Yeah she and Erica have words on twitter or whatever but on the flip Shay knew exactly what was going on between Erica and Scrappy and she didn't care about what it would do to Erica or her daughter Emani. Her main focus was getting next to Scrappy and being his main woman. When it backfired she turns into a scorned woman who vents her anger at the very woman she tried to burn.

If Erica was with a married man and got pregnant that was poor decision made her part. But does it surprise me, Hell Naw! I'm going tell you why. She chose to be with a man [Scrappy] and accept his proposal after she saw his infidelity on national TV and after he left her the first time for Diamond. So her being with someone else who was also unavailable does not shock me at all.

Shay is always on this tip of saying she does not care for Erica. But honestly who can believe you when you do shit like this? Your always trying to discredit her. Like your trying to prove that you're the better woman and everyone should be on your side rather than hers. Here's the harsh reality: NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TRY TO BASH HER, YOU AND HER WILL NEVER BE JUDGED THE SAME. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE JUDGED AS A SIDE LINE HOE, A PART OF THE BOTTOM BITCH THEORY. ERICA WILL ALWAYS BE JUDGED AS THE MAIN CHICK WHO KEEPS MAKING THE SAME DUMB ASS MISTAKES AS FAR AS CHOOSING A MAN WHO YOU KNOW IS NOT READY FOR THE COMMITMENT THAT YOU WANT.

Shay here's some advice: Let This Shit Go new acronym L.T.S.G. I just feel like this doesn't do anything for you, your career or anything. It's difficult to take your seriously when seeing you act like a jester in the court, trying to entertain the masses. Girl pull it together go back to video modeling, male magazine modeling, etc. Do your work and be on your hustle. Find a dude that really digs you and wants you for you. Not some little boy who still sucking on his momma titty! Honestly I think your a cool chick but if you are blinded by dick that much then honey you have a serious problem.

Erica you seem like a strong woman and there is no reason for you to be fighting or putting up with this foolishness. Honestly I hope that you care enough about yourself not to entertain this nonsense. Shay is not worth your self pride and your daughter looks up to you. Is this the type of woman you want your daughter to idolize? I don't think this is what you want.

Just stop fighting with her. You don't have to be her friend. But you can be cordial. BE AN ADULT. There is no reason to fight with her. Sit down with her woman to woman and tell her this: Listen I know we've had our differences but I'm willing to let bygones be bygones just to keep the peace. There is no reason for me to argue with you or be fighting you. I'm done with it. I will speak to you and at least acknowledge your presence when your in a room but other than that we go our separate ways and move on with our lives.

Both of ya'll need to pull it together. Really, Scrappy is a master manipulator for ya'll (for some reason). He has a strong hold on you and honestly whatever the culprit please let it go. Here's the interview, I'm going to be honest it doesn't look like they welcomed her to the show it just seemed like the let her get on the show because she was there. Take a look for yourself:

Source: HelloBeautiful