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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oh Ish! Bambi Starts Bombing All of Mary Jane's Interviews! This Whole Story Has SNOWBALLED!

According to Bossip, Bambi (formerly of Basketball Wives) has a beef with Mary Jane. In her interview with Big Tigger on his radio show Mary Jane was talking about Bambi getting it in with Scrappy while he was supposed to be dating Erica and his sideline Shay. Bambi denies it to the fullest and she also apologized to Rasheeda for her friends reckless actions.

But now Bambi is showing up to every interview that Mary Jane has. "Bombing" as she would call it. In a recent video via Bossip website you can see Mary Jane was invited to Kandi Buruss' internet talk show Kandi Koated Nights. It was a big uproar and Mary Jane's mother kept asking if this was a setup. She kept implying that someone setup the wanna be reality star during her stint on Kandi Koated Nights. When it was obvious that none of this was planned and Bambi crashed the party.

From what I could see Bambi didn't even get to say anything she was escorted out by security and Mary Jane was popping off all the way in front of the store where Kandi Buruss and rest of her guests on the show were sitting. She didn't start to get loud or have some balls until the security stepped in to remove Bambi who didn't say anything in the video she was simply standing there.

She confirmed she was there to start some mess because this spilled into everyone favorite soap opera drama filled social media networking site twitter. Here are some of the tweets:

Listen to what Bambi says about Mary Jane. This is getting out of hand!

Here's What Mary Jane had to Say About Bambi Showing Up to Her Interviews:

Bambi and Friends Explains Why She and Mary Jane Have Beef:

Here's Mary Jane's Side of Why She and Bambi Have Beef:

What do I think about this....Well...

Being famous has no honor anymore. Its not okay to be a celebrity. What's the significance of being a celebrity? Nowadays anyone can be a celebrity. You don't even have to have talent, (well the kind of talent that can be shown without a parental guidance label slapped on it). I feel like this. These reality tv shows are cool in small increments but every tv channel has a slew of reality shows both past and present. FOX, ABC, NBC, Vh1, MTV, BET, TLC, Discovery, E!, Spike, USA, TNT, etc; the list goes on and on. Its ridiculous. 

You can't go on national tv and portray yourself as a slut and then expect people to respect you Mary Jane. And you Bambi I can feel where you coming from but there is no need for all the thug drama you trying to bring. To be honest with ya'll I actually like Bambi. She's cool and she keeps it 100. At least from what I've seen. Mary Jane I believe is just trying to get in where she fit it. Who or what she was riding with before Love and Hip Hop has dried up and now she's looking for her next meal ticket. I say this because if it wasn't that serious she wouldn't be doing interviews and capitalizing on something as disgusting at sleeping with a married man and allowing him to cheat with you on his pregnant wife. Thats all I'm saying. 

I hope all this drama dies down soon because in the midst of this fighting and bickering; there is an unborn child getting ready to born. Nobody is concerned about the well being of this child with the exception of Rasheeda. I just think all this needs to stop. She's pregnant and what if she loses the baby because of all the stress and trauma surrounding her? Nobody is thinking about that they are only concerned with the all mighty dollar. 

This entire situation is sad. What makes it even sadder is the fact this kind of crap happens everyday and right now its being played out on a grand scale but it is a true representation of events that occur in normal society. #SMDH ya'll need to get it together, for real!

Sources: Bossip & AprilShowers via YouTube