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Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave...The Kirk & Rasheeda Saga Continues....Volume 1

Alexis Miller is allegedly pregnant and is telling everyone to "Hide their Husbands". Kirk you are such an idiot. You have royally screwed yourself and have embarrassed your wife 30x over.

On its being reported that model and self professed lover of married men Alexis Miller was not shy about her recent sexual trist on Monday's episode of LHHATL. She had no regard for a pregnant Rasheeda and her feelings or the fact that Kirk was married. In fact she preferred it that way. In the hot tub she was the main one instigating that Kirk have his fun with them and worry about his wife later. It was disgusting and just flat out wrong.

But Ms. Miller didn't give a damn. After the show aired she was tracked down by "#BlackTwitter" and basically massacred called everything from a hoe to a home wrecker. She defended herself against the flood of hatred she righfully deserved by saying:
“F**k how u feeling cause business is business, its Strictly financial…”
“Best thing to do is fall back Stay in ur lane and ima stay in mine… Cause this not what u want!!!”
“2 for that Team! Lmao guess its ok to kiss once cast member one day then another the next Who’s a h*e again? Ohh right.” “Stop tweeting me just Hide Your Husbands…”
“I’ll be the BAD gyrl…” -See more at:
And on top of all of that. There are pictures of Alexis and Rasheeda actually being friendly or rather cordial before all this went down. SMDH.
On the flip end of that HelloBeautiful is reporting [via Mediatakeout] that she telling friends and family that she's PREGNANT. And in talks with the shows producers to get on the show as a part of the storyline for next season. This is alleged and none of it has been confirmed.

Personally this entire story is messed up. Kirk was dead ass wrong for what he did. He has been asked about his alleged cheating in countless interviews and he has dodged answering the questions and even blamed it on something being put in his drink. Ridiculous. Kirk and Rasheeda have been out promoting her song "Hit it from the Back" on popular radio stations around the country. They always say the same thing when asked about the cheating scandal and their relationship. "We're trying to make work." "Kirk has a lot of work to do to get back into my good graces. And he's been trying." Always something along those lines.

As a married woman this kind of behavior by other women doesn't surprise me. I've seen women like that with my husband, just the thrill of being able to take a man from his wife is enthralling to them. That chick Alexis knew what she was doing. She also knew that Kirk was married and Rasheeda was pregnant. And they were somewhat friends. Your trifling and its sad that you could do that to a friend or someone you know.

Money or not, real or not this was broadcasted all over the United States. You look like a tramp that was willing to do anything for fame and fortune. You look like a home wrecker and a hoe. I think this entire thing, encouraging Kirk to cheat by condoning his carefree attitude and her entire attitude toward the situation is a ploy to be a reality star. She wants her own fame and fortune and she had to be the other woman in order to do that. Think about it she said it herself: "This is business. Strictly Financial". I don't know sounds real suspect to me. Mona Scott-Young hasn't said a word about putting the woman on the show but knowing Mona I wouldn't put it past her if she wanted to or did. Because drama pushes ratings and high ratings brings in the money. Point Blank Period!

Kirk if this is real, your bastard and deserve to be by yourself. Rasheeda I hope you get yourself together go back to Deb hire her as your manager and get your music out there for everyone to hear.

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