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Friday, July 19, 2013

Kanye West WANTED for Felony Attempted ROBBERY!!!!

There is a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Kanye West! I thought this was a joke when I read it but its REAL!

Apparently Kanye was outside LAX today and assaulted a photographer/paparazzi! The photographer was doing his annoying job by hassling Kanye about his current album Yeezus. Instead of ignoring the guy Kanye assaulted him! The photographer was injured and taken to the hospital. He pressed charges against Kanye and it was taken to the D.A. Instead of assault charges being filed, the D.A. charged him with Felony Attempted Robbery!!!!

Check out the video Here:

Don't know where the felony attempted robbery part came from but this is messed up. First off everyone knows these freelance photographers, paparazzi, blogger photographers, etc are so rude and invade people's privacy. There needs to laws put in place to protect the celebrities and their children from being bombarded and damn near killed. Its ridiculous and annoying. No matter how much money they have or notoriety they gain, they are still people and should be treated as such. Kanye, I know you're frustrated because everyone is in your business but this is what you have to deal with being a musician, actor, or celebrity. Its unfair I know but you have to keep your cool. Also you are dating a woman who is hungry for the limelight. She will do and has done just about anything to keep her name in the media. Understand your position in life and make your peace with it. Before you end up in jail with no career, no music, no girlfriend, and no North West. Think about it man, was beating this dude up really worth it? I don't think so.

Ya'll tell me what ya'll think are the charges justified? Comment below!

Source: UrbanDaily