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Sunday, March 31, 2013

SWV Gets a Reality Show!

Like many former R&B artists and current R&B artists. SWV "Sisters With Voices" seems to in talks with WEtv network to get their own reality show. SWV is an R&B power group from the 90s. They were responsible for hits like "Right Here" a remake of Michael Jackson's Human Nature, "I'm So Into You", "Weak", "Rain", "You're Always On My Mind", "Downtown" & "Anything"

Coko, "Taj" Tamara Johnson-George, & Leanne "Lelee" Lyons the original and only members of SWV disbanded in 1998 to pursue personal projects. Coko pursued a promising and somewhat stagnant career in gospel music (which was the groups original direction), Taj Tamar Johnson-George married then Tennessee Titan football player Eddie George, starred in a 2 reality shows Survivor: Tocantins, and I Married a Baller, Leanne "Lelee" Lyons pursued music and personal endeavors. 

The show is going to chronicle the groups return to music and the reasoning for their initial breakup. The show is produced by eOne Entertainment group. Its rumored that WEtv would be the network to run the show but according to nothing is being confirmed or denied about the shows run. 

SWV has already shot the pilot for the show last fall. Hopefully a release date will be set and the show will run. 

I'm PUMPED about this! I've expressed my severe disdain for reality tv on many occasions but in this case I'm excited, I loved SWV as a kid. I'm a 90s kid so music for me was the New Jack Swing style R&B and the transition of Hip Hop/Rap from gangster life to fun party music. And SWV was the most successful R&B group of their time. They were better than Xscape, Brownstone, Jade, 702, Changing Faces, and Total. That's just my opinion not knocking the other groups, I'm just making a personal statement. They had the harmony, melody, the look, and they were just FREAKING AWESOME! I can't wait until they come out with their television show! 

If they do have the show on WEtv they will join the Braxtons and Mary Mary as alums on the network. WEtv is building a superior lineup of reality shows and turning into a female powerhouse for reality TV. Keep it Up WEtv, I'll be watching for sure.

No word on when the show is set to be released. If the network like the pilot I expect the show to run promos and be released later on this year or next year. This is just a guess!

SWV released an album in 2011 called I Missed Us. Its available now on iTunes,, and Google Play!