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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hollywood Divorce: Kevin Wins Bargain in Divorce Settlement Against His Ex-Wife Torrei

Kevin Hart probably one of the funniest and most sought after comedian of our time has finalized the legalities of his divorce from his ex-wife and the mother of his 2 children,  Torrei Hart. Kevin and Torrei were married for 7 years. In 2010 it was alleged through many different media outlets (such as & that Kevin Hart had been cheating on Torrei and they were in the process of a divorce. After the 2011 release of his highly successful comedy standup film Laugh at My Pain, Kevin was spotted out with a woman NOT his wife and rumors began to swirl again. Kevin and Torrei's marriage was officially over in November of 2011.

They still had some small kinks to work out of course. Its being reported that there was a prenuptial agreement in place during their marriage. So Kevin of course would be protected. Under the guise of the pre-nup Torrei gets to keep her jewelry and the Escalade truck. After Kevin's attorney finished working out the kinks here's what they agreed to: Kevin will pay Torrei a lump sum of $175,000 and a monthly stipend for child support of $19, 785. Kevin Hart's net worth is reportedly 9 million. For a divorce in hollywood this is probably the most communicable and quiet one ever. Compared to Kelsey Grammar and his ex-Kamille this is a heavenly divorce.

No one knows what happened or why they really got a divorce but it seems to be working out for the both of them. They seem to have a great relationship with their children and I think they will co-parent beautifully. Torrei has a standup and sketch comedy career. Kevin Hart has a hilarious tv show on BET "The Real House Husbands of Hollywood" & 2 new movies this year "Let Me Explain" and "This is the End". They both seem to be driven in what they want to do with their lives and careers and it seems to be working for them right now. People are skeptical at why Torrei isn't getting more money from Kevin but honestly I don't think she wants it. I don't think this was about money for her. They gave her a little over 100k and she gets the child support. This speaks to the character of the woman and the man as well as the nature of the relationship.

Let's hope everything goes well for the both them. I wish them both the best of luck on their journey and hope for a friendly co-parenting relationship if they don't already have one.