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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

IT'S OVER! Porsha and Kordell are Getting DIVORCED!

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Kordell Stewart former quarterback in the NFL has filed for divorce from his wife of 2 years Porsha Stewart. Its coming as a complete to shock to the fans of the show (including me!) as well as Porsha. In a report at Us Weekly, Porsha was completely blindsided by the news. Kordell Stewart has released a statement through his lawyer Shiel G. Edlin here's a copy via

Well apparently their picture perfect world wasn't as perfect as Porsha led the world to believe. They played the part well. Loving toward each other, laughing and joking. They appeared to be happy. But obviously behind closed doors one of them was just looking for the exit and they found it! It seems things were rocky from the very beginning. They've only been married for  2 years. It seems to me likeKordell didn't formally tell Porsha up front that he was divorcing her. She found out just like you and I, through the media! She is devastated according to her reps. Its really sad and my heart goes out to Porsha.

Here's an excerpt from Us Weekly on Porsha's well-being:

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"She was 100 percent completely blindsided. Friends are trying to contact her but she's not picking up her phone or returning texts,"

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Wow I never thought this would come. Kordell seemed like a really standup dude. I didn't think that he would go about it this way. But I have to say we don't know the dynamic of their marriage or what happened. All we know is what is being said and whats being implied. Lord please have mercy on both of their souls. They look like they need some prayer. It was clear during the show that Porsha wasnt completely plugged in as far as knowing what she wanted in life and in her marriage. Kordell was swifter and it was easy for him to keep control over things. But I think Porsha liked it that way. I don't think she really thought about what she wanted to do for herself until she was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sometimes when you see others moving and shaking it lights a fire under you to want something to claim for yourself.

I know that if Porsha surrounds herself with positive minded people she will pull herself up and she'll be happy. Her Real Housewives cast mates are supportive, even those who aren't too keen on Porsha. Here's some of those support tweets:

Good Luck, Porsha. You'll be just fine. Once you realize this is for the best everything will come together. Stay strong Porsha, I'm a pray for you.

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