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Sunday, March 24, 2013

GoodBye! Michael Baisden's Widely Popular Radio Show is Caput!

"Michael Baisden"

Major drama in the radio world today as it was reported that Michael Baisden and his staff could not get into their studios they were LOCKED OUT! It was a shock. Michael Baisden has been in the business for well over 10 years and has been apart of countless rallies and important issues: the Jena 6, the Trayvon Martin, the election/re-election of President Obama etc. His shows were full controversial topics that people wanted and needed to discuss. It is unfair that they were not able to at least have a final show. To show up to work one day and not be able to get in to your office is just wrong on so many levels. Many fans have started petitions and plan to boycott the media company syndicating Michael Baisden's show Cumulus Media. But Michael Baisden has urged against it saying: 
"We were unable to reach an agreement with our syndication partner Cumulus Media. This was not a hostile situation, sometimes parties have different ideas and visions about how to move forward. So, there is no need for petitions and boycotts."
 Michael Baisden also stated:
"My only issue was that after 10 years of discussing important issues like domestic violence, missing children, leading civil rights marches like The Jena 6, campaigning for mentoring programs on a 70 city bus tour and donating 350,000 of my own money, helping to re-elect our President, and standing up to lead the rally for justice for Trayvon Martin, that I would at least be allowed to finish the show through next Friday. Now that is some Fragernackle bull!"
Michael Baisden & George Willborn

I can admit sometimes Michael Baisden's show got on my nerves. He always came off like he was trying too hard to get people interested. Thats just my opinion of it I could be wrong. Here in Cleveland the Michael Baisden show came on everyday at 3 in the afternoon and ended at 7 pm. I don't really listen to the show enough to be terribly upset at the dismal of the show but its the way Cumulus Media went about firing them that has me upset. Locking them out of the office with no warning, no nothing? Thats just cold. This man is a prominent fixture in the community and he has a huge following across the nation, so just locking him out the studio and not giving him a farewell show is rude and a blatant slap in the face. Seriously, Cumulus Media owes Michael Baisden and his staff a huge apology. Respect him and his craft enough to give him a proper send off.

Well Mr. Michael Baisden you had a great run. I appreciate the work you've done in film, tv, and radio.  Much Love to You and Good Luck! I know nothing of the radio or if iHeart Radio is represented by the same company but maybe Satellite Radio or Internet Radio should be your niche now. iHeart Radio, Sirius Radio, etc. Big radio show greats have shows that do extremely well in the format of radio (i.e. Jamie Foxx - The Foxxhole Radio Show, Steve Harvey - The Steve Harvey Show, etc). Maybe you should give it a shot Michael Baisden. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

On that note here's some of Michael Baisden's Show Clips: