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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Tamar Braxton is Pregnant!!!!

"A Very Pregnant & Happy Tamar Braxton-Herbert with Husband Music Mogul Vince Herbert, 2013"

The lovable and always flamboyant Tamar Braxton is pregnant. Shocking news was delivered on Good Morning America on March 13, 2013. She announced it as only she can “I have a love on top! I’m Pregnant!” She was at Good Morning America with her husband Vince and they discussed her pregnancy and how she feels. She says she’s great and this is most she’s ever eaten in her life. She also said she was having fun being greedy, LOL.

"Tamar Braxton showing her baby bump. Performing Love & War on 106 & Park"

I’m shocked that she is pregnant after watching both of her reality shows The Braxton Family Values & Tamar and Vince she was adamant not to get pregnant and even suggested a surrogate to have the baby for her so that it wouldn’t interfere with her career as a solo artist. I hope this will all be played out on Season 3 of the Braxton Family Values. Which airs tonight @ 9 tonight on WEtv!

"Pregnant Tamar Braxton-Herbert, 2013"

Well now Ms. Tamar you join the ranks with your sisters as a mom and career woman. Congratulations Tamar and Vince. I wish you both nothing but joy and happiness. I hope you have a healthy beautiful bouncing baby and again CONGRATS MOMMA!!!!!


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