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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Like many former R&B artists and current R&B artists. SWV "Sisters With Voices" seems to in talks with WEtv network to get their own reality show. SWV is an R&B power group from the 90s. They were responsible for hits like "Right Here" a remake of Michael Jackson's Human Nature, "I'm So Into You", "Weak", "Rain", "You're Always On My Mind", "Downtown" & "Anything"

Coko, "Taj" Tamara Johnson-George, & Leanne "Lelee" Lyons the original and only members of SWV disbanded in 1998 to pursue personal projects. Coko pursued a promising and somewhat stagnant career in gospel music (which was the groups original direction), Taj Tamar Johnson-George married then Tennessee Titan football player Eddie George, starred in a 2 reality shows Survivor: Tocantins, and I Married a Baller, Leanne "Lelee" Lyons pursued music and personal endeavors. 

The show is going to chronicle the groups return to music and the reasoning for their initial breakup. The show is produced by eOne Entertainment group. Its rumored that WEtv would be the network to run the show but according to nothing is being confirmed or denied about the shows run. 

SWV has already shot the pilot for the show last fall. Hopefully a release date will be set and the show will run. 

I'm PUMPED about this! I've expressed my severe disdain for reality tv on many occasions but in this case I'm excited, I loved SWV as a kid. I'm a 90s kid so music for me was the New Jack Swing style R&B and the transition of Hip Hop/Rap from gangster life to fun party music. And SWV was the most successful R&B group of their time. They were better than Xscape, Brownstone, Jade, 702, Changing Faces, and Total. That's just my opinion not knocking the other groups, I'm just making a personal statement. They had the harmony, melody, the look, and they were just FREAKING AWESOME! I can't wait until they come out with their television show! 

If they do have the show on WEtv they will join the Braxtons and Mary Mary as alums on the network. WEtv is building a superior lineup of reality shows and turning into a female powerhouse for reality TV. Keep it Up WEtv, I'll be watching for sure.

No word on when the show is set to be released. If the network like the pilot I expect the show to run promos and be released later on this year or next year. This is just a guess!

SWV released an album in 2011 called I Missed Us. Its available now on iTunes,, and Google Play! 


Aries Spears reportedly relinquished full custody of his son to his soon to be ex-wife Elisa Larregui. Apparently this occurred after a domestic dispute between the estranged couple. Elisa and Aries have been married for a little more than 2 years. Their relationship according to his wife was less than perfect. She alleges that Aries swung a bat at her (nearly killing her) recently during a spat the couple was having. She also claimed that Aries was verbally abusive to her child from a previous relationship. 

Aries Spears has been court ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his estranged wife and children. Elisa filed for divorce last month and has plans to move to Florida which Mr. Spears will paying for. Her reasoning for divorce is "irreconcilable differences".  A common reasoning for divorce in Hollywood. 

Aries Spears lawyer released a statement saying (via
“The family is mending and for the moment, they have chosen to place some distance between themselves. Aries and Elisa have been communicating peaceably and have worked things out between themselves. Aries looks forward to spending quality time with his son.”

I'm glad things are working out for him. I'm a big fan of Aries Spears, I think he's hilarious. But its unfortunate that he and his ex-wife have to go through this problems. I don't know what he was thinking with the bat situation, if that's true. If it is that's messed up. I hope that he's communicating with his ex-wife peacefully and worked everything out. For the sake of the kids, I hope he gets himself together so that he doesn't react like this again if put in the same situation. 

Good luck to you Aries and Elisa! I hope everything works out with you and your kids. 


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Photo via
Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversy. In fact there are several popular artists and actors that refuse to appear on her show because of her keen ability to spew stupidity and spread vicious rumors. As a result she has made herself a very controversial figure in pop culture amongst celebs and fans.

Now Wendy is feuding with Janet Hubert. If don't know who she is, she was the original Aunt Vivian a.k.a. Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Its no secret that Janet Hubert was a huge part of the shows success and when she was replaced it was hard to get used to the new Aunt Vivian. Honestly, I lost interest in the show when she left. I felt like it lacked something.

This one-sided feud started because of an appearance made by Tatyana Ali on Wendy's show. She
appeared to talk to Wendy about rumors of her dating Drake and one night stands. But Wendy changed the convo to her child star days on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,  listen to the interview below:

Janet Hubert was not pleased with the interview and she took to her Facebook and to express her frustrations in letter form (via
Dear Wiggy, I’m sorry, Wendy,
Recently, you found the need to put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don’t even remember why I departed.
Wendy Williams, or whatever you are supposed to be, I’m not quite sure. I’m writing you yet again, to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood as some suggest. Please close your mouth about things that you know nothing of.
Now, I watched your show to see dear Tatyana Ali sadly to say, fall into your trap. She even brought pictures of our days on the show from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You know most people watch you just to see what heinous things your mouth will say compared to what an overflowing volcano will spew forth on that day.
Now perhaps other black women have allowed you to berate them and continued to support you in this manner of madness and rewarding hatefulness. It seems to become the norm and has taken over our society completely. But I, Janet Hubert, sat there and watched you tell the world that I was not a nice mother. I’m thinking to myself, the only person who has the right to say that is my child. So I sat there and watched you like some devilish sinkhole swallow up Tatyana Ali. You reduced her to a child sitting their tempting to keep some symbolism of dignity about her as you pried and invaded her life until you got what you wanted.
You are such a demon Wendy. You are wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman. Simply put, Wendy you are a virus. You are not nor have you ever been a true woman. It seems as though your audience thirsts for the blood of others, as they are prompted to clap and hoop and holler at your shows and wigs and clothes.
Girl you will have some stars on your show and demean them before they even make it back home. I just would like to know who died and told you that you were reborn as Oprah. You want to be Oprah so bad that you would kill for it and you will kill anyone to achieve success. Sister, you will never be another Oprah. Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded an air of class.
But you know what Wendy, you are not even in my league. It is so beneath me to even bother with someone like you, but you asked for it. Didn’t nobody tell you to say my name on your show? You will not destroy all of the hard work that I went through for the last decade to clear my good name. I simply will not allow you to do so. I’m a lady and a real one. Wendy girlfriend you just messed with the wrong sista.
Now it’s funny for all that you and the world claim that I’ve done, I should have my own show like you. Darling there is nothing that I could have ever done in this lifetime in my career that would equal the vulgarity and ugliness and hatred that you spew on your show in one single day.
So, here is my advice to you Wendy. I want to help you. Learn to sit in a chair and stop fidgeting with yourself on camera. Wipe your giant teeth off camera, and don’t smear the spit on the chair. Please put some sweat pits under your arms, and darling if your sweater is pulling until there are lines across your chest, its too tight. You might want to deflate those tremendous breast. Take off the fake blonde hair. You have to stop playing the race card because you are coming off like a want to be white girl who will never be white.
Now, I have never seen anything besides hogs slobber at the mere mention of food, so I question your humanism at times. I have never seen a display of such self-hatred.
Just a couple more suggestions for you, please would you stop dissing all of us who’ve embraced our natural hair as many others and I have? And yes Wendy natural hair does belong on the red carpet whether you like it or not.
I kind of feel sorry for you. You sit there on your big-footed tacky throne everyday while millions of people are laughing at you not with you. There is a big difference. Nobody cares about what you think about his or her lives. But we do care about what you put out there about us. My heart saddens that women, especially black women, have embraced her evil after all of our struggles in society. You and your kind have set us back a hundred years or so. How dare you chastise anyone when you are such a travesty?
Now take that, chew it my dear and stick it on your lord have mercy you are disgusting fly ridden gum wall. And that’s the advice I have for you my sister.
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I feel Ms. Hubert somewhat on what she was saying but she kind of painted Tatyana as a helpless child who didn't know what to say or how to respond. I felt like Tatyana answered the questions and really turned the interview back around to something positive. She worked the interview properly and didn't speak bad of anyone or anything about Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This was so long ago and its obvious its still a sore subject for Ms. Hubert. I would hope that one day all can be forgiven so that everyone can rest easy. I think that holding on to grudges does nothing for you its just feeds into your enemies ego and pride everyday sucking you dry. L.I.G it Ms. Hubert with all due respect if you haven't already done so, please just let it go!

As for Wendy, she's been a drama queen her entire career. She's not going to stop. She feeds off of Gossip and hearsay. Let her have her moment. Don't respond to that craziness cause you do nothing but give what she wants. She likes seeing her name in the papers, social media blogs, etc. Any good PR rep would say all publicity is good publicity. So let her have it. If people stop responding to her ignorance then eventually she'll fade away or at least stick to the truth instead of fabricating stories.

Janet Hubert I was a huge fan of yours on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and if I was a producer of a television show I would definitely put you in for a role. I think you were and are underrated.

*On a Positive Note: 
My favorite Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode with Ms. Janet Hubert was the one where she turned 40 and wanted to pursue her dream to become a dancer.

This is the best video I've found on the net for it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo of Porsha & Kordell Stewart via

Kordell Stewart former quarterback in the NFL has filed for divorce from his wife of 2 years Porsha Stewart. Its coming as a complete to shock to the fans of the show (including me!) as well as Porsha. In a report at Us Weekly, Porsha was completely blindsided by the news. Kordell Stewart has released a statement through his lawyer Shiel G. Edlin here's a copy via

Well apparently their picture perfect world wasn't as perfect as Porsha led the world to believe. They played the part well. Loving toward each other, laughing and joking. They appeared to be happy. But obviously behind closed doors one of them was just looking for the exit and they found it! It seems things were rocky from the very beginning. They've only been married for  2 years. It seems to me likeKordell didn't formally tell Porsha up front that he was divorcing her. She found out just like you and I, through the media! She is devastated according to her reps. Its really sad and my heart goes out to Porsha.

Here's an excerpt from Us Weekly on Porsha's well-being:

Picture of Porsha Stewart via
"She was 100 percent completely blindsided. Friends are trying to contact her but she's not picking up her phone or returning texts,"

Read more: 
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Wow I never thought this would come. Kordell seemed like a really standup dude. I didn't think that he would go about it this way. But I have to say we don't know the dynamic of their marriage or what happened. All we know is what is being said and whats being implied. Lord please have mercy on both of their souls. They look like they need some prayer. It was clear during the show that Porsha wasnt completely plugged in as far as knowing what she wanted in life and in her marriage. Kordell was swifter and it was easy for him to keep control over things. But I think Porsha liked it that way. I don't think she really thought about what she wanted to do for herself until she was on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sometimes when you see others moving and shaking it lights a fire under you to want something to claim for yourself.

I know that if Porsha surrounds herself with positive minded people she will pull herself up and she'll be happy. Her Real Housewives cast mates are supportive, even those who aren't too keen on Porsha. Here's some of those support tweets:

Good Luck, Porsha. You'll be just fine. Once you realize this is for the best everything will come together. Stay strong Porsha, I'm a pray for you.

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Omarosa Manigault is no stranger to the drama. Being dubbed the Queen of Mean from her first stint in reality TV on the original Apprentice in 2004.

In recent weeks Celebrity Apprentice has returned and Omarosa, Claudia Jordan, and La Toya Jackson were all contestants on the show. Both Claudia and La Toya have been the latest of the fired contestants on the show but Omarosa has been stealing the spotlight with her recent feud with both La Toya and Claudia.

On Wendy Williams talk show Monday afternoon Omarosa talked about both contestants and it was not in a flattering way. Below is her appearance on Wendy Monday March 25, 2013:

Her feud with La Toya Jackson exploded because she had repeatedly implied (on both Celebrity Apprentice and various talk shows as well as Wendy Williams) that Omarosa had caused the heart attack of her late fiance' Michael Clark Duncan. Here are a few of the statements made by La Toya according to

"She said he had a heart attack and, 'I know she caused it. He was on life support and she went in and pulled the plug."
"She's a conniving, scheming, cut-throat, probably pulled the cord on Michael Clarke Duncan.
Also Here's La Toya Jackson's appearance on Wendy:

Omarosa and La Toya had battled it out on the Celebrity Apprentice a few times. Omarosa plans to make La Toya pay for her crude comments, no literally she's making her PAY! Omarosa is suing La Toya Jackson for Defamation of Character (if your not familiar with the term it is described as intentionally false communication that is spoken or written to harm a person's reputation, respect, regard or confidence in which a person is held; or causes disparaging, hostile, disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person via Omarosa is serious about her plans to sue La Toya Jackson. In a recent interview on the Howard Stern radio show she was asked if the rumors of her suing La Toya were true and here's her response: 
"Not planning to, I'm going to. She said some really nasty things about Michael."
She also stated:
"I gave her the time to retract it and now we'll both be spending money on lawyers."
"Its only actionable if she repeats it. It called reckless disregard for the truth. She said it back in October. She's repeated it subsequently on all of these talk shows." 
Omarosa is going forward with the lawsuit. It is obvious Omarosa was not going to let this slide. Its no love lost and honestly these two don't like each other. So I expected Omarosa to do something like this.

In the last couple of weeks or rather months things have been fired up between Beyonce and Keyshia Cole. This whole things started with Beyonce's performance at the Superbowl this year. As with anything on tv now a days Beyonce's performance was dominating social media from instagram to twitter to Facebook. From pictures to comments she was the topic of the conversation. Even the winners of the super bowl took a back seat to her performance. There was a power outage shortly after her performance and people blamed her for the delay of the game, the outcome of the winner and everything! But I digress, Beyonce's performance in my opinion was great she put on a full blown show. She even included her former girl group mates Michelle and Kelly of Destiny's Child for a small performance. And thats when all hell broke loose. Apparently people were not pleased with Michelle's performance and the main person voicing their disdain for her singing was the always controversial Keyshia Cole took to her twitter and tweeted the following (Read from the bottom up):

While Michelle got the brunt of Keyshia Cole's fury she was not the only one on stage during Beyonce's performance. Kelly Rowland was there as well to make the Destiny's Child appearance whole. Keyshia apparently had nothing to say about Kelly's performance her only gripe was Michelle's. People decided to defend Michelle on twitter ripping Keyshia Cole to shreds via her mother, husband, sister, and just her in general. So what was Kelly's response? According to here's what she said:

"It didn't even make it on my radar until other people brought it up," Rowland says. "It didn't even matter. We had a wonderful performance, and that's all I cared about. I was with my sisters and the three of us matter to each other, and that's all that counts. We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don't care what she said." Rowland says. "It didn't even matter. We had a wonderful performance, and that's all I cared about. I was with my sisters and the three of us matter to each other, and that's all that counts. We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don't care what she said." 

Allegedly Michelle responded to the Keyshia Cole's tweets, but Michelle actively denies responding. As far as this situation goes Beyonce' didn't respond either. She was just happy in her moment and relished every bit of it.
Then, last week Beyonce released a snippet of 2 of her new songs Bow Down/I Been On. Bow Down is the song that has people talking. The song suggests that women should Bow Down to the moniker that has been given to Beyonce by fans and her peers "Queen Bey". Which by looks of this song she is so "graciously" accepting. Well once Keyshia Cole got wind of the song and she took to twitter again to give her shade..I mean two cents lol. Here's what Keyshia said:
Die hard Beyonce fans let her have it every chance they got. But Keyshia seems unfazed. However Keyshia's not the only one who is turned off by the song. Controversial talk show host Wendy Williams is disappointed in the song as well. On her hot topics show thursday afternoon she felt this was unnecessary of Beyonce. Because of her status and where she is in the music industry Wendy feels she doesn't need to put out music like this claiming "it is beneath her".

There was no response to Keyshia, Wendy, or any of Beyonce's other critics.

Honestly I don't think Beyonce feels this way truly. Yeah, yeah I know what your all saying. "Girl bye okay! Look at her, her life, the way she is, her alter ego Sasha Fierce, Come ON NOW!" But let me explain, LOL.

First off Beyonce has pulled this card once before. "Run the World" was not the big hit maker people wanted Beyonce off her last album. She was being massacred in the news by bloggers, music critics, anyone that heard the song either really liked it or really hated it. But she pushed on and 4 became a platinum album, with multiple hits (like Best Thing I Never Had, Love on Top, Party, 1+1, End of Time, & Countdown) despite the hatred for the first single. Personally I think this is just a ploy to stir up conversation and media on her next album/concert tour. She knew that the previous tactic worked so why change the format.

I don't take the music so personally. I'm not bowing down to anyone. If the song really irritates you think of it this way: You hold the power when it comes to artists like Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, etc. They would be nothing without our support as fans. That real, actual FACT. I have no opinion on the song its just music to me, and thats REAL.

Like I said she's not talking about me and I'm not taking it personally. So as far as I'm concerned do what you do Beyonce! Your record sales will show how people really feel. I bet they'll get over it ;p. Just one more thing, I find it funny ya'll are mad at Beyonce for her song Bow Down but you say nothing about Two Chains asking for a big booty chick for his birthday and BS like that! Women have been treated like sexual objects for a while in the music industry. We're not people or worth anything more than just a trophy, something to be acquired. Guys like Lil Wayne, Baby, Soulja Boy, etc they don't rap about anything but sex, money, cars; things they've acquired after being in the industry. When all you women begin to hold them accountable for their music then this can be a legitimate conversation. Oh and by the way if you say we have your a lie. You really haven't. Cause if you did it would be front page news and subject of conversation for every media outlet in the world just like Beyonce's music lyrics. Whew! Now I'm through LOL.

*If you haven't heard the song here's the snippet from

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Steve Harvey is probably one of the most popular and intelligent entertainers of our time. He embodies the term ENTERTAINER to the fullest extent. By trade Mr. Harvey is a comedian. Selling out arenas and comedy clubs around the world, Mr. Harvey has made his name synonymous with comedic greats like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, and more. But as I said earlier Steve Harvey is an ENTERTAINER, meaning he is a well rounded multifaceted media personality. He can do it all:  acting, comedy, community service, self help, film, tv, etc. 

Recently in a phone interview with the Hollywood Reporter he was asked if he was the "Next Oprah". Harvey humbly responded "Thats a scary headline, man." He then praised Oprah Winfrey for her work in television and stated that she is "One of a kind." He also said jokingly "I won't be Oprah, but maybe baby Oprah. Just call me Lil O!" By the way, Ms. Oprah Winfrey is set to appear on Steve Harvey's show at the end of April. An big endorsement that could and will push Steve Harvey to the top of the Talk Show circuit faster than expected (any endorsement or appearance by the incomparable Oprah Winfrey is a PLUS! Besides, Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray were backed by Oprah and to this day have top rated talk shows for well over 14 successful seasons between the two of them).

Steve Harvey has garned great ratings for his new tv talk show "The Steve Harvey Show". Ratings for his show have been reported at a 0.9 among women ages 25 to 54. It has gained some serious steam recently jumping from a 0.9 rating to a 1.0 rating in February. According to the Endemol company that produces Harvey's show "its making a slight profit " being sold to various stations across the country. Already having a strong following in the African American community from his comedy, Steve Harvey was able to cross over and become appealing to people of all races and walks of life (through both tv and radio). His humour, strong personality, and undeniable realness is what allows him to be such a permanent fixture in his current profession. 

Originally Steve Harvey saw himself doing late night talk shows like Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel. But with his advice segments like "United Dates of America" and "Harvey's Heroes" Steve Harvey has placed himself at the top of the Day Time Talk Show list. Besides, his regular hosting duties he is the current host of his own radio show "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" and the game show "Family Feud". Steve has won many awards for his work in the media. For radio he won the Syndicated Personality/Show of the Year awards by Radio & Records magazine. At the BET Awards in 2011 he won the Humanitarian of the Year award. Recently he was voted Favorite New Talk Show Host at the 39th Annual People's Choice Awards. He also has his fashion line of dress clothes for men and women that can be found at K&G and JCPenny (for a complete look at his line or to find locations in your city to purchase please follow this link -> & Store Locator) Steve Harvey's also known for his non profit organization the Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men. In which he takes a hands on approach to change and shape the mind of young men from all over. This mentoring program helps to shape the future generations of young men for the world. Teaching them how to become strong, productive, successful, young men with dreams and goals to strive for.  

Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Michael Baisden"

Major drama in the radio world today as it was reported that Michael Baisden and his staff could not get into their studios they were LOCKED OUT! It was a shock. Michael Baisden has been in the business for well over 10 years and has been apart of countless rallies and important issues: the Jena 6, the Trayvon Martin, the election/re-election of President Obama etc. His shows were full controversial topics that people wanted and needed to discuss. It is unfair that they were not able to at least have a final show. To show up to work one day and not be able to get in to your office is just wrong on so many levels. Many fans have started petitions and plan to boycott the media company syndicating Michael Baisden's show Cumulus Media. But Michael Baisden has urged against it saying: 
"We were unable to reach an agreement with our syndication partner Cumulus Media. This was not a hostile situation, sometimes parties have different ideas and visions about how to move forward. So, there is no need for petitions and boycotts."
 Michael Baisden also stated:
"My only issue was that after 10 years of discussing important issues like domestic violence, missing children, leading civil rights marches like The Jena 6, campaigning for mentoring programs on a 70 city bus tour and donating 350,000 of my own money, helping to re-elect our President, and standing up to lead the rally for justice for Trayvon Martin, that I would at least be allowed to finish the show through next Friday. Now that is some Fragernackle bull!"
Michael Baisden & George Willborn

I can admit sometimes Michael Baisden's show got on my nerves. He always came off like he was trying too hard to get people interested. Thats just my opinion of it I could be wrong. Here in Cleveland the Michael Baisden show came on everyday at 3 in the afternoon and ended at 7 pm. I don't really listen to the show enough to be terribly upset at the dismal of the show but its the way Cumulus Media went about firing them that has me upset. Locking them out of the office with no warning, no nothing? Thats just cold. This man is a prominent fixture in the community and he has a huge following across the nation, so just locking him out the studio and not giving him a farewell show is rude and a blatant slap in the face. Seriously, Cumulus Media owes Michael Baisden and his staff a huge apology. Respect him and his craft enough to give him a proper send off.

Well Mr. Michael Baisden you had a great run. I appreciate the work you've done in film, tv, and radio.  Much Love to You and Good Luck! I know nothing of the radio or if iHeart Radio is represented by the same company but maybe Satellite Radio or Internet Radio should be your niche now. iHeart Radio, Sirius Radio, etc. Big radio show greats have shows that do extremely well in the format of radio (i.e. Jamie Foxx - The Foxxhole Radio Show, Steve Harvey - The Steve Harvey Show, etc). Maybe you should give it a shot Michael Baisden. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

On that note here's some of Michael Baisden's Show Clips:


Friday, March 22, 2013

Kevin Hart probably one of the funniest and most sought after comedian of our time has finalized the legalities of his divorce from his ex-wife and the mother of his 2 children,  Torrei Hart. Kevin and Torrei were married for 7 years. In 2010 it was alleged through many different media outlets (such as & that Kevin Hart had been cheating on Torrei and they were in the process of a divorce. After the 2011 release of his highly successful comedy standup film Laugh at My Pain, Kevin was spotted out with a woman NOT his wife and rumors began to swirl again. Kevin and Torrei's marriage was officially over in November of 2011.

They still had some small kinks to work out of course. Its being reported that there was a prenuptial agreement in place during their marriage. So Kevin of course would be protected. Under the guise of the pre-nup Torrei gets to keep her jewelry and the Escalade truck. After Kevin's attorney finished working out the kinks here's what they agreed to: Kevin will pay Torrei a lump sum of $175,000 and a monthly stipend for child support of $19, 785. Kevin Hart's net worth is reportedly 9 million. For a divorce in hollywood this is probably the most communicable and quiet one ever. Compared to Kelsey Grammar and his ex-Kamille this is a heavenly divorce.

No one knows what happened or why they really got a divorce but it seems to be working out for the both of them. They seem to have a great relationship with their children and I think they will co-parent beautifully. Torrei has a standup and sketch comedy career. Kevin Hart has a hilarious tv show on BET "The Real House Husbands of Hollywood" & 2 new movies this year "Let Me Explain" and "This is the End". They both seem to be driven in what they want to do with their lives and careers and it seems to be working for them right now. People are skeptical at why Torrei isn't getting more money from Kevin but honestly I don't think she wants it. I don't think this was about money for her. They gave her a little over 100k and she gets the child support. This speaks to the character of the woman and the man as well as the nature of the relationship.

Let's hope everything goes well for the both them. I wish them both the best of luck on their journey and hope for a friendly co-parenting relationship if they don't already have one.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"A Very Pregnant & Happy Tamar Braxton-Herbert with Husband Music Mogul Vince Herbert, 2013"

The lovable and always flamboyant Tamar Braxton is pregnant. Shocking news was delivered on Good Morning America on March 13, 2013. She announced it as only she can “I have a love on top! I’m Pregnant!” She was at Good Morning America with her husband Vince and they discussed her pregnancy and how she feels. She says she’s great and this is most she’s ever eaten in her life. She also said she was having fun being greedy, LOL.

"Tamar Braxton showing her baby bump. Performing Love & War on 106 & Park"

I’m shocked that she is pregnant after watching both of her reality shows The Braxton Family Values & Tamar and Vince she was adamant not to get pregnant and even suggested a surrogate to have the baby for her so that it wouldn’t interfere with her career as a solo artist. I hope this will all be played out on Season 3 of the Braxton Family Values. Which airs tonight @ 9 tonight on WEtv!

"Pregnant Tamar Braxton-Herbert, 2013"

Well now Ms. Tamar you join the ranks with your sisters as a mom and career woman. Congratulations Tamar and Vince. I wish you both nothing but joy and happiness. I hope you have a healthy beautiful bouncing baby and again CONGRATS MOMMA!!!!!


Watch the Braxton Family Values Thursdays on WEtv @ 9pm e!

"Love & Hip Hop Cast, 2013'"

Well Love & Hip Hop has wrapped for the season (or rather is about to wrap for the viewers). It was drama filled as promised. I've never been a fan of this show but I was intrigued to watch on several occasions. To me the whole season was an absolute mess! Even the reunion was DRAMA 101. In fact there was major drama brewing between cast members and people like me are all confused and mixed up. According to Joe Budden and Consequence got into an altercation and so did Rashidah Ali and Raqi Thunda. We’re going to start with the guys then move to the women!

First up: Joe v. Consequence.

"Consequence & Joe Budden"

Apparently this beef is not new. According to, Joe Budden and Consequence have had a suspected beef. In February, Joe Budden crashed an interview at Hot 97 that Consequence was attending to address the rumors of the beef. The problems were worked out and everything was cool, or so they thought. Consequence waited until the reunion to show Joe that it wasn’t. When the reunion taping went on a break, Consequence followed Joe and Tahiry outside (who were just going out for a cigarette) and punched Joe in the back of the head. Tahiry leaped into action to defend Joe by socking Consequence. Security intervened and they spent quite a bit of time trying to get them to go back on set. They eventually did return to the set but it was never explained what happened and why the altercation occurred. Hopefully by watching the reunion myself some questions will get answered.

Here's their Twitter Beef Screenshots via!

Joe Budden says:

And then Consequence said:

Next up Rashidah v. Raqi.

"Raqi & Rashidah"

Well this fight was thoroughly explained and expected. Rashidah and Raqi didn’t appear to be friends on the show and its clear there was no love lost between them. Things came ahead recently at a charity event on the show. Rashidah decided to go and confront Raqi at the event about some rumors that were being traced back to Raqi as the source. Raqi of course denied the rumors and claimed Rashidah was the last thing on her mind. However she had no problem calling Rashidah every name she could think of and Rashidah fired back by calling her an industry p***y. Well things got heated, even more disgusting vile names were exchanged and ultimately the two broke off and went their respective ways. Unfortunately that was not the end of it, you see Rashidah and Raqi were both still pissed about the situation and they made sure that it was well known at the reunion taping on Tuesday. Things got heated when Rashidah mentioned that Raqi was a fake Muslim and then proceeded to go in on Raqi’s ex, the father of her child. Raqi went ballistic and stormed off the stage. Its unclear if they ever got the chance to physically fight, but what is clear is that these two are not planning on reconciling any time soon and only time will tell if they can be in the same room with each other without coming to blows. 

Here's the video of the squabble below!

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"Veronica Mars Opening Credits, 2004"

Veronica Mars has been pushed at many different production houses and producers for a movie deal but its been said that the cost to make one is too great a risk. Many producers don’t believe in the project because of its cancellation in 2007. Veronica Mars was a great TV show! I was a loyal fan of the show from the time it began in 2004 until 2007.

"Veronica Mars Season 2, 2006"

It was a great show about a wise cracking sassy teenager who although had her own troubling past was hell bent on finding out who murdered her best friend. Along the way Veronica was given or rather took on other cases and investigated them. Everything from lost iPods to murders. Veronica’s dad was the police chief and certainly understood that his daughter was always right there investigating whether he wanted her to or not. Although the show had a great following and did well on UPN and the CW it was cancelled because the CW decided to go in a different direction for their primetime lineup. But if you ask me it is a much-needed change from what is being put out on TV now. Reality TV is taking over and real actors are being pushed out. Shame on it all.

"Veronica Mars Final Season (3), 2007"

Anyway for quite some time Veronica Mars’ creator Rob Thomas has been trying to get the TV show to be adapted for the Big Screen. But on every turn the request has been denied. So Rob decided to go a different route. On the internet there is a new trend starting, a website called allows people from all walks of life to donate money to projects that are posted on the site or they can create a campaign to gain donations. Rob Thomas has decided to use the popular site to create a campaign for the movie and all or some of the profits to create the Veronica Mars movie. Here’s the deal: The campaign will run for 30 days, it will need to generate a minimum of 2 million for the movie to begin production and to allow Kristen to film the movie during her hiatus from her hit show “House of Lies” on Showtime. If for any reason the campaign does not meet the required amount needed then none of the money will used and the idea is dead and buried forever. There are perks for pledging as well: Depending on the amount given to the movie you will get to be a guest at the premier and after party, gain a small speaking role, name a character, have a copy of the script, have a Blu-Ray/DVD package given, etc. Many different levels of prizes or perks given to those of you who donate! Great idea, great concept, I cant wait to see what happens!

Here's the Campaign Video!

I for one would love to see a movie but 2 million in thirty days that’s a stretch. I hope it works out Kristen, the cast, and Rob. I loved the show and was sad to see it go. I wish they would reboot it somehow. Shows like Buffy, Angel, Moesha, Sister Sister, The Wayans, Veronica Mars, Everwood, Popular, etc. They were good shows. They explained everything that was wrong, good, funny, and ugly about a teen or young adults life. It was the perfect mirror of the 90s and early millennium. Shows like Veronica Mars are a dying breed. I’m going to definitely push this as much as I can. Veronica Mars’ Movie Campaign is available to donate right now, so if you want to see the movie then donate to the Kickerstarter campaign. Good Luck Veronica, Your Gonna Need IT!

*As I wrote this blog I checked the page and minimum amount needed has been exceeded, and its only been 2 DAYS! The Veronica Mars campaign has gone well beyond 3 Million dollars. That is the most money raised in a campaign in a 30-day time frame EVER on Congratulations Guys there’s a Veronica Mars Movie on the Horizon!!!!!*

*OMG The Project Has Been Funded! Officially the Final Tally is...$5,702,153. Funded by 91,585 Backers!*

Here's the link to campaign check it out -

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"Nicole Scherzinger" 

Nicole Scherzinger is in the fire this week for her recent interview in The Indpendent. She spoke boldly and freely about her limited success as a solo artist. Here's a small piece of her interview via 

Within two years, [Nicole] had left Eden’s Crush, and was recruited into Pussycat Dolls, a pop act   created by a record- company executive that aimed to combine burlesque titillation with catchy, commercial songs. “My first response when I was invited to join was, No way!” she admits. k “I come from a strong religious background, and I had a very conservative upbringing. So I was nervous, and confused. Here I was wanting to be Whitney Houston, so why did I have to dress in lingerie to do that? I didn’t get it.”  
The demands of going to work in her bra and pants soon took its perhaps inescapable toll. From the very moment she became part of the group, Scherzinger was instructed to lose weight. That she didn’t need to lose weight was immaterial, she says. “I simply did as I was told. You know, I didn’t have the confidence to go around in all that lingerie. I’m a crazy b***h now, of course, and I’m all over that, I love it, I embrace it. But back then? Back then, I wasn’t comfortable at all. I’d never worn stuff like that in my life.” 
With these kind of songs, I don’t feel I have to justify myself to anyone. I come from the most religious family – my grandfather is a priest – and if they support me in all this, and they do, then I’m OK. I’m being sassy and classy; I’m having fun. I’m not coming from a dark place. To be honest with you, I sometimes wish I were more slutty. I’d probably be a lot more successful if I were.” 
“This is such a tough industry, you know. To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.” 
And has she? 
She turns back to face the mirror, and closes her eyes. Her make-up artist resumes her work. “No, I haven’t. That’s probably why I haven’t quite reached the top of my mountain. I mean, where’s my Tony Award, my Grammy, my Oscar? Why don’t I have any of those things yet?”