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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love & Hip Hop Reunion Drama!

"Love & Hip Hop Cast, 2013'"

Well Love & Hip Hop has wrapped for the season (or rather is about to wrap for the viewers). It was drama filled as promised. I've never been a fan of this show but I was intrigued to watch on several occasions. To me the whole season was an absolute mess! Even the reunion was DRAMA 101. In fact there was major drama brewing between cast members and people like me are all confused and mixed up. According to Joe Budden and Consequence got into an altercation and so did Rashidah Ali and Raqi Thunda. We’re going to start with the guys then move to the women!

First up: Joe v. Consequence.

"Consequence & Joe Budden"

Apparently this beef is not new. According to, Joe Budden and Consequence have had a suspected beef. In February, Joe Budden crashed an interview at Hot 97 that Consequence was attending to address the rumors of the beef. The problems were worked out and everything was cool, or so they thought. Consequence waited until the reunion to show Joe that it wasn’t. When the reunion taping went on a break, Consequence followed Joe and Tahiry outside (who were just going out for a cigarette) and punched Joe in the back of the head. Tahiry leaped into action to defend Joe by socking Consequence. Security intervened and they spent quite a bit of time trying to get them to go back on set. They eventually did return to the set but it was never explained what happened and why the altercation occurred. Hopefully by watching the reunion myself some questions will get answered.

Here's their Twitter Beef Screenshots via!

Joe Budden says:

And then Consequence said:

Next up Rashidah v. Raqi.

"Raqi & Rashidah"

Well this fight was thoroughly explained and expected. Rashidah and Raqi didn’t appear to be friends on the show and its clear there was no love lost between them. Things came ahead recently at a charity event on the show. Rashidah decided to go and confront Raqi at the event about some rumors that were being traced back to Raqi as the source. Raqi of course denied the rumors and claimed Rashidah was the last thing on her mind. However she had no problem calling Rashidah every name she could think of and Rashidah fired back by calling her an industry p***y. Well things got heated, even more disgusting vile names were exchanged and ultimately the two broke off and went their respective ways. Unfortunately that was not the end of it, you see Rashidah and Raqi were both still pissed about the situation and they made sure that it was well known at the reunion taping on Tuesday. Things got heated when Rashidah mentioned that Raqi was a fake Muslim and then proceeded to go in on Raqi’s ex, the father of her child. Raqi went ballistic and stormed off the stage. Its unclear if they ever got the chance to physically fight, but what is clear is that these two are not planning on reconciling any time soon and only time will tell if they can be in the same room with each other without coming to blows. 

Here's the video of the squabble below!

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