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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rumor Mill: Tameka "Tiny" Harris Maybe Be Pregnant!!!!! If This Is So Congrats Harris Family!!!

Its rumored that Tiny maybe pregnant again! The wife of rapper T.I. and mother of 6 has been talked about across social media for days now. Tiny and T.I. have 6 children between the two of them and 4 of them from previous relationships. They've tried having another child before in 2007 but unfortunately Lelah Amore was stillborn (I'm so sorry to hear that I had no idea). So I'm sure if this rumor is true that it would be a joyous occasion for their entire family. 

This whole baby rumor came about because of a picture Freddy O posted on his twitter account. Check it Out Below via MadameNoire: 

"My girl @majorgirl got some extra big news to tell the world … Hint hint she’s gone have someone new in her life … #winning"
The Harris family seems to be very happy in their lives and careers. They are relatable and you can't help but like T.I. and Tiny together. They have a very loving, normal family. Their show Family Hustle is a good reality show. It doesn't show any of the ignorance you see on other reality shows. Its just chronicling their lives. If Tiny is pregnant I say: Congrats Momma! I hope you have a healthy bouncing baby boy or girl! 

*PS: None of this has been confirmed with anyone! No one in the Harris family has confirmed or denied this rumor so I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Source: MadameNoire