Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In WHAAAAA News: Mr. 106&Park Himself Bow Wow Responds to Catfish Episode! I Gotta Say I Didn't Expect This....

So Im an avid TV person. After last year when Catfish debuted I've been hooked on their show for a long time. But this Catfish was a little shocking but only toward the end. Here's the deal. Keyonnah was falling in love online with who she thought was Bow Wow aka Shad Moss. She admitted that she was skeptical from the beginning but after her online love sent her $10,000, let's just say that helped sway her mind. Long story short Nev and Max did some incredible detective work came up empty and were stumped almost believing that this was the famous rapper/slash music show host.

They presented the evidence found to Keyonnah who was devastated. She really believed that was him. She was a HUGE fan of his and still is and she was crushed when Nev and Max gave her the news. They decided the only way to get the real deal was to call the guy up and let him know that they all knew he wasn't Bow Wow. After the small phone confrontation the imposter relents and agreed to meet them at his cousins house, still giving the impression that he was Bow Wow.

See for yourself!

They met up with the guy at his cousins house and it turns out was a lesbian woman named Dee Pimpin, not a guy at all pretending to be Bow Wow. CATFISH SHOCKER! Seriously everyone knew that it wasn't Bow Wow but we all thought it was at least a man, Right? Anyway long story short it broke the poor girl's heart. Keyonnah was a sweet girl just happy to get attention from her favorite rap icon Bow Wow. I felt really bad for her. She was genuinely hurt by the lies and deceit. Anyway Keyonnah ended up not contacting Dee again.

Now to the good part. Bow Wow was probably notified via twitter or some other social network about the show and he responded via the BET network and well look at the video...

He was a real good sport about it. Honestly I expected him to be upset cause most people would be. But he was flattered and quite happy for the free publicity, lol. He also did something that never would've crossed my mind in years: He invited them to his show 106&Park to discuss it! Wow I guess Keyonnah may get to meet her idol after all! I hope that everything goes smooth with Dee Pimpin being there and all. Good for Bow Wow being such a good sport and I hope that everyone is in good spirits if this does happen. Now I haven't watched 106&Park since I was 17. That was 10 years ago, but I will watch that episode if it ever happens!

Source: BET & MTV

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