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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In Book News: Melissa Joan Hart "Explains It ALL" in Her Tell All Book About Her Days As a Self-Proclaimed Hollywood "Bad Girl"

Melissa Joan Hart has written a book about her lifestyle before motherhood and marriage. If you're not familiar with Melissa Joan Hart you probably would recognize her from her show Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But I was a 90s kid so I recognize her from her Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains It All (Hence the Title of her Book). 

In her book she explains how she was using drugs and partying heavily. She gives one instance where she showed up to a photo shoot with Maxim High as a Kite! Just that night before she was partying at the Playboy mansion with Hugh and the Bunny's. She recalls making out with one of the models in the limo on the way to her home. She had taken so much ecstasy the night before that she was still in the high in the Maxim photo shoot!

Maxim 1999 Cover in which Melissa was still
High from the Partying She Did the Night Before
Melissa Joan also says that she experimented with hard drugs like mescaline, ecstasy, mushrooms, and every one's favorite weed. She was hanging out with the wrong crowd and didn't like the fact that the drugs made her feel like she was losing control. So she began to change her life around, after a year and a half binge of partying and drugs. Hard to imagine Clarissa and Sabrina as a drug dosed partier but its very clear that these people are actors and actresses. It is their job to portray a character to the fullest of their potential. I'm not really surprised at these admissions but I am a little curious as to how the drug usage came about. I think I might just purchase this book and see how Melissa got down. I think humanizing yourself is the best thing you can do as an actress or actor. Sometimes when you play a character for so long it very difficult to see you in a different light. Its hard to imagine you outside of that character but it doesn't mean its not possible. I think by Melissa telling her story like this she is giving herself an edge and again making herself appear human, prone to error.

Well, anyway back to the JUICY part of the book, she talks about her relationships with some of Hollywood's most alluring 90s Heartthrobs like Jerry O'Connell, Ashton Kutcher and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys! Although according to her book she wasn't too fond of Ashton Kutcher. She said she threw him out of her many of her parties because he was always making smart a** remarks. 

Well...Are you going to read Melissa Explains It All? I think I will. I'm interested in the 90s Teen Scene Queen!

Source: NYDailyNews