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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Congrats! Kim K. and Kanye West Are Officially Engaged!

Congratulations to Kim and Kanye West on their recent engagement. I wish you happy years in your future marriage. And stemming from the HUGE wedding to do she had on tv to Kris Humphries. I think this time around its going to be quiet and discreet.

Kanye pulled out all the stops for his proposal to his fiance' Kim. He rented out the AT&T park in San Francisco and had the fields jumbo screen flash "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!". He proposed to her with a 15-carat diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz. He also hired a 50-piece orchestra to play Lana Del Rey's "Young and Beautiful,". But it wouldn't be Kanye he didn't have them play one his hits too. He chose one of his more relationship geared hits, "Knock You Down" with Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo. Kim said yes and its official Kim Kardashian is going to Marry Kanye West! I guess Wendy Williams put her foot in her mouth again! But in her defense she has changed her mind about their relationship, like it matters! LOL. Congrats on your engagement. Have a beautiful wedding and a happy life!

BTW: The proposal was on her birthday this past monday. Happy Belated Birthday Kim and again, Congrats!

Check out the Instagram photos of the event via Huffingtonpost:

Source: Huffingtonpost