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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rumor Mill: Pebbles is Threatening to Sue TLC for their Biopic Depiction of Her! And She's Writing a Book to Set the Story Straight!

Pebbles former manager of the greatest girl group of ALL TIME (Still! And if you say Destiny's Child has surpassed them your smoking CRACK they haven't even come close!) is making headlines all across the web for her anger towards T-Boz and Chilli as well as everyone involved in the making of their biopic: CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

The stories that were being told are sad and down right messed up but not unheard of. In the movie the group was robbed of millions of dollars and were taken advantage of by Pebbles. She was depicted as an evil wench who would work those girls dry to the bone to make money. Because of this depiction and TLCs recent interviews she's threatening to sue the group for slander and defamation of the character.

I guess the story will develop later but she did take to twitter to explain her frustrations as every celebrity does. Here's her tweets:
Here's the interview that she was ranting about:

This was said and I'm going to repeat it: This is how they felt about her management skills and how they felt she handled their money. It was not about tearing anyone down or making it about TLC vs. Pebbles. Its funny how Pebbles only focused on what was being said about her and never acknowledged the entire film as a whole. If she built TLC into the #1 Girl Group in the world, then let that be the message. Why does it have to be all about her? Just let it go and move on. BTW: I should note that she was making noise about the film before it was released, before the premiere, and before it was even viewed by any public audience. I'm a let that marinate for a minute!

I understand that she felt she was portrayed in poor light but that's how these girls saw it at the time. They felt like they were robbed and bamboozled by the glitz and glamour of the business and of course Pebbles and her team. Its unfortunate that they were not able to trust the people around them. And further more the story is about them they had plenty of juicy problems within their group. There was no reason to make Pebbles look like a villain for ratings. They could've kept Pebbles to a minimum and it still would've been a good story. 

Managers taking advantage of people and their naivety is nothing new. Take New Edition for example (which they need to do a biopic of them as well, wonder who would they cast? anyway) they had some of the most popular songs ever Candy Girl, Mr. Telephone Man, Cool it Now, If It Isn't Love, Can You Stand the Rain, Boys to Men, and Still In Love. They would go on tour for months and come back home to the projects. And I don't think they ever really got the money they deserved or the recognition. Then groups like New Kids on the Block came out and just stole their shine in my opinion. They didn't cheat those boys like they did New Edition (Don't believe me? Check the facts I'm sure Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg as well as the other members weren't complaining about their money, marketing or anything. I'm telling you New Edition got railroaded).

I think Pebbles is upset because they are telling the truth and she wanted it buried forever. There is a saying my momma always told me: "What's Done in the Dark Comes to the Light."  I don't think Pebbles is trying to protect her brand or anything. I think she's just looking to be in the spotlight again and make herself prevalent by publicly starting feuds and writing books. Sounds like a C-List Celebrity move to me. #Imjussaying

Source: HelloBeautiful