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Monday, June 23, 2014

In an entertainers lifetime they can solidify their legacy by being awarded awards like the: Tonys, Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG, etc. There many different ways to put your stamp in any form of entertainment: Books, Films, TV, Music, Broadway, etc. But none can compare to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Instituted in 1960 the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the end all be all of an entertainers career. This solidifies you to true Hollywood Royalty. And this year they've chosen some of the best talent from recent years to be honored with a star!!!!

The committee has released 30 new recipients of the brass star. Here are the 30 honorees:

Motion Pictures Category

Raymond Chandler, Eugenio Derbez, Bob Kane, Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Peter Jackson, Daniel Radcliffe, Christoph Waltz, Snoopy, Jennifer Garner, Amy Poehler, and Paul Rudd


Bobby Flay, Seth MacFarlane, Chris O’Donnell, Sofia Vergara, James L. Brooks
Ken Ehrlich, Julianna Margulies, Jim Parsons, and Kelly Ripa


Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald, Pitbull, Kool & The Gang, Pharrell Williams, and Al Schmitt


Larry Elder


Kristin Chenoweth, Dick Gregory, & Ennio Morricone (In order)

Each recipient will have 5 years to set their star ceremony. No official dates for any celebrity have been set yet. 

Congratulations to all the recipients!!!!

*Correction: Amy Poehler is in wrong list instead of Motion Pictures she should be in the Television section. Sorry for the mixup :)*

Source: ABC

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm going to be 100% honest with you. I was never interested in Azealia Banks, her feuds, or her music. Thats not shade by the way thats just real. I'm not really interested in this feud either but I was asked to do this blog so I will do it. I follow several pages on Facebook: Jarrett Scott Page , Iamjarrett, Pineapple Dadon, MadameNoire, StraightFromTheA, etc. All are reporting on the Instagram/Twitter war between T.I., Tiny, and Azealia Banks. Here's how it started:

T.I. released a song its called Mediocre featuring Iggy Azalea (another artist to suffer the wrath of Azealia Banks). When Banks heard the song she tweeted this:

She has since deleted the tweet but you know bloggers and the media alike were going to find evidence of the tweet. Nothing is ever truly erased on the internet. Yall know that!

Anyway T.I. was alerted to the tweet during his sit down with MTVNews about his new song Mediocre.

And here's his response in the politically correct form via MTVNews:

Get More:
T.I., Music News

And Here's the response that was NOT so politically correct:

Basically they got into a pissing match that went back and forth. And since I am operating off of second hand information I can neither confirm nor deny how the tit for tat went down. All I know is the ish-got real, real FAST! Check out these series of tweets from Banks:

Tiny got in on the squabble with this Instagram response: 

And there you have it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

KFC is doing some serious damage control. A restaurant employee in Jackson, Mississippi turned away a patron because her face was scaring the other customers. This patron was 3 year old Victoria Wilcher who was recently attacked by pitbull's.

Little Victoria went to the KFC restaurant with her grandmother Kelly Mullins. Her granddaughter said Victoria was hungry after the her doctors visit so she thought that the mashed potatoes at KFC would be easier for her chew. Well it seems the employee who asked them to leave wasn't aware or didn't care about her injuries or the child's feelings.

Victoria's Victories was a Facebook page started by the family after her attack. It detailed her complications at the restaurant with this caption under Victoria's cute picture:

Photo  Courtesy of Little Victoria's Facebook Page!Does this look scary to you? Last week at KFC in Jackson MS this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners. I personally will never step foot in another KFC again and will be personally writing the CEO.

The KFC employee's exact words were: "We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers." That is a terrible thing to say to a 3 year old child who just went through a traumatic experience. That's not the worst of it. Because of that employee, Victoria has become very insecure about her looks. She cried all the way home, she won't look in the mirror, and when they go to the store she doesn't want to get out of the car. That is so sad.

KFC was alerted to the child's traumatic experience and launched a full investigation. They offered to pay little Victoria's medical bills to the sum of $30,000. When a different KFC owner by the name of Dick West got wind of the story he offered the little girl and her family a picnic on KFC. In his message to AP he wrote:
"I am sure KFC will make their finding public as soon as the facts are in. In the meantime, I offered to treat Victoria to a picnic because regardless of the outcome of the investigation, she has been thru more than any little girl should and I wanted to give her a special treat."
Little Victoria was attacked by pit bulls at her grandfather's home. The dogs broke her nose, both jaws, cheekbones, and her right eye socket. The right side of her face is paralyzed and she lost her right eye. Her bottom jaw has been reconstructed but she needs a feeding tube and must grow more bone in her face before surgery is possible.

Many people are speculating that the employee acted on their own. According to Dick West (the owner of the other franchise restaurant donating the picnic); the owners have never in 50 years of ownership turned away a customer. They've always wanted people who came into their restaurant to be treated with respect.

No one knows why this happened and quite frankly it doesn't matter why, it just should NEVER happen again. Especially to a 3-year old child who did nothing to anyone. What they did hurt this little girl to her core. And no amount of picnics or money will ever change that. You really need to understand the severity of what you have done. Whether the employee acted on his own or by orders of his manager, it doesn't matter. Someone needs to be fired or suspended.

Source: Victoria'sVictories and People

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


You ever get online and read something that just left your mouth open and you have nothing to respond it with other "Got Damn"! Well that's what happened to me and several million other people who read this message to French Montana via Instagram by Tichina Arnold. She was very nice but honestly French Montana got #READ 100%! Would you like to know what she said? As if you don't already know:

“Man oh man. Mr. Montana, I've perused (read through with thoroughness and care) your #instagram profile description, pictures & posts... but despite my determined effort, I STILL don't have a CLUE to one very simple question... "Who ARE you?".. I mean other than reading that you've dated a Kardashian, and you seem to enjoy taking extraneous pictures with LEGITIMATE celebrities, I'm baffled (perplexed, confused) as to WHO you are & WHAT you actually DO? How do you contribute to society? What do you do to HELP those in need? What philanthropic works have you done? Are you on the board of any charitable organizations? Do you posses your own charitable organization? Do you own your name? How many of your followers are actually REAL followers and not computer generated? Oh.. And one other thing, if you are gonna post or repost things about other people (such as myself). FYI: Maybe you should put more effort into aligning yourself with people who can ASSIST you with building your brand for longevity, only THEN will you be prepared to (as your boy Martin would so clearly put it) "Stomp with the big dogs". But either way, I'm pleased to know you are a true fan of the Martin show despite what criticisms you have. Your continued support is proof that for over 30 years, I have CONTRIBUTED something of VALUE on television to many people (including yourself) and many generations and hopefully more to come. Hit me up and maybe I can hook you into individuals who have "Serious Inquiries" regarding hiring you. I just need to know what exactly it is that you are SELLING, because unfortunately, I STILL don't know. Keep your head up & GOD Bless! TICHINA ... Oh! One more thing, if you know of anyone who has an auto immune disease such as #Lupus, go check out my 501c3 organization at - Unfortunately thousands of women (and men) battle with this constant life threatening #autoimmune #disease everyday. It would be AMAZING if you made a donation instead of losing 40k in one on one basketball bets with your cohorts. Your positive & monetary support would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your time.”
Well when the world got wind of Ms. Arnold's positive but serious READ, French felt the need to defend himself and here's what he said:

"I didn't make this picture I just reposted it like a million other people, don't use me to plug your charity I use to be a fan Pam. I was shocked to see this pic i am not disrespecting you stay blessed"

Friday, June 6, 2014

Yes Ladies and Gents you read that right, it was no typo. A lady in Houston Texas went to her 4 year old son's graduation, dropped off her friend at home and stopped by the grocery store. After leaving the grocery store she ended up in an accident in which she was killed on impact while her 2 sons (ages 4 and 6) were in critical condition in the back seat. According to the police the mother was at fault in the accident. She failed to yield and was driving high speed after she pulled out of a driveway at 5 pm on Wednesday. Her two young sons suffered broken bones but were in severe pain. They were in seat belts in the car but had no booster or car seat to protect them. Onlookers saw the accident but instead of calling the cops or checking on the children to ensure that they were okay, they leaped into action and stole the woman's groceries out of the front seat of the car and left the scene. The SUV was literally wrapped around a tree and steaming with these two little boys severely injured and their deceased mother in the front seat.

Shame on YOU! No respect, no remorse this is just sad!

Check out the video below with the witness accounts and their disgust with the looters:

OMG are you serious?! Why are people so cruel and disrespectful. There are no words for this type of the behavior. The struggle is not that bad for you do something as immoral and sad as this. I'm floored the level people were willing to stoop to get some groceries. SMDH

Source: FOX8News

I heard on Wendy Williams that Chris Brown was released from jail and I was elated! I felt so bad for him and even though it was a bad place, I imagine that time away from his friends, family, money, and social status was a major WAKE UP CALL for him.

When he got out he tweeted one thing: Blessed and Humbled. Isn't that great? I hope from here on out its smooth sailing for him. Cause let me tell ya his music hasn't missed a beat. Loyal dropped before Chris Brown went to jail (or rather leaked) and its been a constant on the charts and radio ever since. All 3 versions of the song Loyal (original, west coast, and east coast versions) topped the Billboard 100 (BTW: That is the seventh single of Chris Brown's to top the overall Billboard Charts. An Amazing FEAT!). There's no doubt the man has talent. I can listen to him sing and definitely watch him dance all day long. I can't wait for his album X.

I hope that he really has changed his ways and stays out of trouble. He has stated that jail has taught him to respect women including his mother and current girlfriend (rumored fiance) Karrueche Tran. To keep himself on the straight and narrow it has been alleged that he has ended friendships with people that were a bad influence. I'm so happy for him. He's been pretty quiet on social media and I'm happy about that as well. It needed to be downgraded. I bet he feels so much better and free.

Chris still has somewhat of a hill to climb. The court date for the assault case is in September. So he still has to wait for the trial and his sentence before he is truly out of the woods.

I know a lot of people still really dislike Chris Brown but I think he deserves a chance to prove people wrong. I don't think he's as bad as people make him out to be. In most cases with a kid who witnesses their parent abused they develop severe psychological problems. I think that is what has happened with Chris Brown. Unfortunately his problems manifested in anger, violence, and sex on a grand scale for the world to see. Its not a good way to work through your problems when there is a microscope on you waiting on you to screw up.

Anyway good luck C. Breezy aka Chris Brown, I'm rooting for you!