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Monday, June 23, 2014

Hollywood Walk of Fame...And the Honorees Are.....

In an entertainers lifetime they can solidify their legacy by being awarded awards like the: Tonys, Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG, etc. There many different ways to put your stamp in any form of entertainment: Books, Films, TV, Music, Broadway, etc. But none can compare to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Instituted in 1960 the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the end all be all of an entertainers career. This solidifies you to true Hollywood Royalty. And this year they've chosen some of the best talent from recent years to be honored with a star!!!!

The committee has released 30 new recipients of the brass star. Here are the 30 honorees:

Motion Pictures Category

Raymond Chandler, Eugenio Derbez, Bob Kane, Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, Peter Jackson, Daniel Radcliffe, Christoph Waltz, Snoopy, Jennifer Garner, Amy Poehler, and Paul Rudd


Bobby Flay, Seth MacFarlane, Chris O’Donnell, Sofia Vergara, James L. Brooks
Ken Ehrlich, Julianna Margulies, Jim Parsons, and Kelly Ripa


Lukasz ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald, Pitbull, Kool & The Gang, Pharrell Williams, and Al Schmitt


Larry Elder


Kristin Chenoweth, Dick Gregory, & Ennio Morricone (In order)

Each recipient will have 5 years to set their star ceremony. No official dates for any celebrity have been set yet. 

Congratulations to all the recipients!!!!

*Correction: Amy Poehler is in wrong list instead of Motion Pictures she should be in the Television section. Sorry for the mixup :)*

Source: ABC