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Friday, June 6, 2014

Pathetic! A Woman Has a Fatal Accident And Looters Steal Her Groceries! The Struggle Can't be That BAD?!

Yes Ladies and Gents you read that right, it was no typo. A lady in Houston Texas went to her 4 year old son's graduation, dropped off her friend at home and stopped by the grocery store. After leaving the grocery store she ended up in an accident in which she was killed on impact while her 2 sons (ages 4 and 6) were in critical condition in the back seat. According to the police the mother was at fault in the accident. She failed to yield and was driving high speed after she pulled out of a driveway at 5 pm on Wednesday. Her two young sons suffered broken bones but were in severe pain. They were in seat belts in the car but had no booster or car seat to protect them. Onlookers saw the accident but instead of calling the cops or checking on the children to ensure that they were okay, they leaped into action and stole the woman's groceries out of the front seat of the car and left the scene. The SUV was literally wrapped around a tree and steaming with these two little boys severely injured and their deceased mother in the front seat.

Shame on YOU! No respect, no remorse this is just sad!

Check out the video below with the witness accounts and their disgust with the looters:

OMG are you serious?! Why are people so cruel and disrespectful. There are no words for this type of the behavior. The struggle is not that bad for you do something as immoral and sad as this. I'm floored the level people were willing to stoop to get some groceries. SMDH

Source: FOX8News