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Friday, May 23, 2014

SMDH! Child Protective Services are Investigating Will & Jada Over Controversial Photo!

Now a while back a photo surfaced of 13 year old Willow Smith lying on a bed with 20 Moses Arias former child star and actor on Hanna Montana. The photo was black and white and it went viral within a matter of minutes after being introduced to social media. 

Parents were outraged that 13 year old Willow would be lying on a bed with a 20 year old who has on no shirt. It appears to be sexually suggestive to some and an inappropriate relationship to others. According to the DailyMail, the (LA) Child Services are officially investigating the family and Willow's connection to the 20 year old.

Jada and Will have been cooperating with Child Services and maintain that the picture is purely art nothing more. She was recently stopped by TMZ and questioned about the picture and Jada was visibly upset but managed to give answer to the outrageous questions asked by the popular paps:

"Here's the deal. There was nothing sexual about that picture of that situation. You guys are projecting your trash onto it … and you're acting like covert paedophiles and that's not cool."
The investigation is still going and currently nothing has been reported of any confirmation of inappropriate behavior between Moses and Willow.

I actually see nothing wrong with the photo. They were probably talking and joking someone snapped a photo boom instant infamy. 

Look we all know that Will and Jada are raising their kids a particular way. One without punishments or disciplines. They raise their children to begin making better and more informed decisions while at a young age to ensure they continue focusing on making the best decisions for themselves. Whateva, howeva. I raised spare the rod spoil the child. When I messed up I got disciplined. Spanked or Punishment (aka grounded) those were the punishments that I received as a child, usually I was on punishment if I did something wrong. Depending on the severity of what I did that would change I how long my punishment would be. 

I'm not going to talk about the way a person raises their kids. If it works good for them. Its strange to us because the norm is punish our kids and protect them show them the correct way. In this case I don't think this guy and Willow are in a relationship. I think it was just a picture and it was taken way out of context. There are hundreds of kids in LA who need Child Services more than this silly picture of Willow and Moses.  Its a waste of time and resources to even investigate this picture. Just let it go.

Source: DailyMail