Sunday, May 4, 2014

Naughty Naughty Benny Boy! Ben Affleck is BANNED from the Hard Rock Casino for Counting Cards?!

Banning seems to be a new trend for 2014. After Donald Sterling gets banned from the NBA for his racist views and remarks, actor Ben Affleck takes a turn. But instead of being banned from his job he's been banned from the casino! Ben Affleck has been banned for life from the Hard Rock Casino. Apparently he was counting cards: a strategy used to decrease betting risk mostly used for blackjack and poker. Here's how it all went down...

Ben and his wife Jennifer decided to take a mini vacay to Las Vegas before Ben leaves for Detroit to shoot the Batman v. Superman movie. While on their trip Ben decided to go to the Hard Rock Casino. He was playing a round of Blackjack at the High Rollers table when security surrounded and escorted Ben from the table. The security guard told him that he was deemed an advantage player and no longer allowed to continue playing Blackjack. Shortly after Ben was sent back to his hotel via a car service and was officially banned from the Hard Rock Casino.

And if you're wondering what would Ben Affleck know about gambling? Well...its no secret that Ben Affleck is a card shark. Years ago Ben and his best friend Matt Damon played in the World Series of Poker. And according to TMZ Ben had gambled at the Hard Rock before, amassing a staggering $800,000 by playing Blackjack, in 3 $20,000.00 hands. 

Source: TMZ & Variety

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