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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rapper 2 Chainz Humiliates a Young Woman Backstage After a Concert! SMDH Now She's Suing Him!

Famed rapper 2 Chainz is making news on the Internet because of his recent encounter with a fan. Well actually the young lady was trying to meet a man in his entourage named Cap 1. Instead of politely telling the young woman that unfortunately Cap 1 wasn't interested, 2-Chainz starts to make fun of her. Along with the entire crew he humiliates her on camera and she has no clue. On the video it just seems like the girl is so nervous that she literally doesn't know or understand that she's being insulted.

He calls her the acronym T.H.O.T. meaning "That Hoe Over There". He makes fun of her the entire time and the guy Cap 1 that "Tina" came to see is not even acknowledging that he her. He just brushes her off like she's trash. Check out the video:

Now the "Tina" threatening to sue! "Tina" was hit with a barrage of mean and disrespectful comments after the video went viral. She ended up deleting her instagram and other social media accounts because of it. But before she left the internet she posted these pictures to instagram threatening to sue 2-Chainz for causing her life to spin out of control:

This is just uncalled for. For 2-Chainz to be such an educated man he sure is acting ignorant. To embarrass a woman like that is just wrong. What I can't understand is how can people jump on the woman? What the hell did she do wrong? She just wanted to meet a guy who she claimed was checking for her, she wasn't even there for 2-Chainz! Its a sad situation. The messed up part about this whole situation is that he (or someone in his crew) posted it on YouTube for the world to see. Its just sad. I hope the girl really does file a lawsuit and I hope she wins.

Moral of the Story - Just because you have money and social status doesnt mean you can treat people any way you want. You still need to have a moral compass and treat people with dignity and respect. The same way you would expect to be treated! SMDH 2-Chainz your fame will slowly die out and then you will be right back where you started, no actually you'll be worse a hasbeen. You should be careful how you treat people. Cause Karma is a Bitch!

Source: Hip-HopRumors