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Monday, March 31, 2014

#PinkWigForMiyah! Nicki Minaj Gives 5-Year Old Fan and Cancer Patient Miyah One of Her Famous Pink Wigs!

I'm so happy to report this story. Damiyah Telemaque-Nelson is a 5-year cancer patient that was diagnosed with cancer in October of last year. Her wish was to meet Nicki Minaj and get one wear one of her famous wigs. Well Pro-Basketball player John Wall got wind of the little beauties wish and posted this on instagram to get Nicki Minaj's attention for the little girl and it worked! He petitioned his followers to circulate the photo and the story to ensure that the little girls dream would be heard! Here's what he posted:

“@NickiMinaj #HelpMiyahMeetNicki #PinkWig4Miyah Fans I need your help to get my buddy Miyah’s wish granted. She’s a 5 year old battling cancer and her wish is to meet @NickiMinaj and get one of her pink wigs! I need your help, comment on this photo. @NickiMinaj #HelpMiyahMeetNicki #PinkWig4Miyah! Let’s get Miyah one of Nicki’s pink wigs.”

Nicki got wind of the campaign and yesterday Nicki made the little girls dream come true! Here's her posts of the #HelpMiyahMeetNicki and #PinkWig4Miyah campaign and her meeting with little Miyah!

“Hi Miyah!!!! Let’s see what we can come up with for a pretty little princess ;)”
Then she posted the encounter with the little girl and a video with an inspirational message check it out:

 Looks like operation #helpMiyahMeetNicki was a success! #PinkWig4Miyah~ Thank you @john_wall she’s perfect! 

Miyah got to meet her idol and got the wig she's always wanted and Nicki got a bracelet from her youngest fan! How Sweet of Her?! Check out the picture below and John Wall you're a stand up guy. I'm sure little Miyah will always this day and your efforts to help her meet her favorite celebrity. Nicki Minaj your awesome for making this brave little girls dream come true.

*All Photos Are Provided Via Nicki Minaj's and John Wall's Instagram*

Source: MadameNoire