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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WHAAAA? Solange Gets Into a Scuffle with Jay-Z and Its All Caught On Tape!

Over the weekend a video surfaced of Solange hitting Jay-Z in an elevator while leaving an after party. By Monday the news had taken over social media. TMZ was the first to report the news and had video footage of the fight but no audio. Everyone is speculating and questioning why Solange was fighting Jay-Z. Some people commended Jay-Z for not fighting back (Pleasure P and 50 Cent). But others are speculating that Solange was drunk or high. She didn't look that way to me when she left the party. But who knows. Its just a big mess. None of the parties involved are responding to the news and I don't think it will ever be explained to the public.

No one knows the real story but the hotel that had the party was adamant to find the culprit that sold the tape to TMZ and do everything in their power to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Here's the video below of the entire fight:

Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce were at the Nets v. Heat game that Monday and seemed to be unphased by the massive media coverage. They acted as if nothing had happened.

Social Media went bananas with millions of memes, videos, and quotes here are a few that I've found via facebook, twitter, vine, and instagram:

With all these memes and videos floating around making up funny remakes of the incident, makes this an even bigger thing than it has to be. And it plagues the question Why? Many have speculated but no one knows.

Everyone is up in arms but this happens all the time in normal society. No one's marriage is perfect and quite honestly with Jay-Z and Beyonce being in the spotlight one would have to assume that problems would occur and they would be magnified 20x the normal. Any number of things could have happened to create this drama.

But I will say this, if it was cheating or disrespect that occurred then why would Beyonce just stand there and let her sister handle her business? It had to be an issue that occurred between Solange and Jay-Z that caused that violent outburst. I'm not going to comment any further because to be quite honest it needs no further coverage or attention.

All I will say is good luck Beyonce, Solange and Jay-Z whatever was going on with you guys I hope you've since worked it out!

Source: TMZ