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Friday, May 16, 2014

What?! A 34-Year Old Woman Has Been Arrested in Texas for Pretending to Be a High School Student for 2 Years!

"Charity" Anne Johnson, has been arrested for impersonating a student at New Life Christian High School. Charity went by Charity Stevens and had been a student at the high school since 2013. Charity brought someone to the school to enroll her in with fake identification documents: birth certificate, ID, etc. When the school found out it was fake they called the police and had her arrested on the spot. When Charity was arrested the entire school was in shock. Teachers, students, and even Charity's best friend were in tears during her arrest. They just couldn't believe it. 

Tamicka Lincoln took Charity in under the guise that she was an abused and battered teen and needed help. Lincoln bought her food, clothing, treated her as if she was her own child. She was deeply hurt and sadden by the news. After everything went down she went on a search to find out who Charity really was. She posted her picture on Facebook to see if anyone knew or recognized her. The response she got was alarming. Charity had reached out to 4 different women on Facebook possibly getting ready to pull the same scam. Luckily they caught her in time.

This is a sad story and hopefully none of the kids were physically hurt. But it begs the question, Why? Why go through all this again? High school was terrible for most people and even those who had a good time wouldn't want to go back for a second time. So what was the purpose? What was your intent?

All the people you used and conned was it really worth it? Was it worth hurting these people who were only trying to help you? I hope this jailtime gives this woman Charity time to reflect and get herself together.