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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In WHAAAA News: Floyd Mayweather Wants Miley Cyrus to be His Ring Escort for His Next Fight!

Actually I don't even find this the least bit surprising, despite my blog title. In September after his big fight with Alavarez, Floyd Mayweather said he has an idea of who he wants to escort him down to the ring for his next fight. He wants none other than the "Twerk Queen" his nickname not mine Miley Cyrus. 

Miley's music and her polarizing antics have been on Mayweathers mind. He said:
“I was thinking about letting the twerk queen, Miley Cyrus, bring me out,” Mayweather told Billboard via Fox Sports. “Why not? We’ve got to call her the twerk queen; yes, we have to call her that.”
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Floyd has or will extend the invite to Miley to join his Money Team and I'm sure she'll accept. I think you'll hear more about this topic during the promos for Mayweather's next fight.

Hmmm...This Really Doesn't Surprise Me

I've got Mayweather all figured out. (Now when I say this I hope I don't get a beat down! LOL I ain't playing Mayweather may be small but that dude packs a powerful punch). Anyway he's an opportunist but not in the way your thinking. On his own Mayweather is a headliner. The dude is undefeated and a powerful figure in pop culture. To put it in laymans terms he's a smaller version of Mike Tyson but much smarter LOL. He understands that in order to draw people in you've got to make an impact, a splash, put your stamp on it. So having someone who is extremely popular at the moment be apart of your entourage not only drives up ratings and makes you look like a big shot but it also draws more people in. People that under normal circumstances probably wouldn't be interested in boxing in anyway. Mayweather is known for having high profile celebrities at this fights and be apart of his entourage, people like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Justin Bieber to name a few. So putting Miley on the team doesn't surprise me and if I know Miley like I think I know Miley, she will take the free publicity.

Seriously celebrities are very crafty these days. Their smart and they understand that they have to get a leg up on the competition. With the right marketing and PR team around you, you can be the next big thing i.e. Miley Cyrus.

I'm not tripping about this little revelation at all if thats what Mayweather wants he probably will get it. Dude banked $44 mil off of one fight. Seriously? I don't think any fighter is as genius as Mayweather is in that regard. You gotta give it to him he's a very intelligent and ALWAYS making money hence the name: Floyd MONEY Mayweather.

BTW: I know this is an old story but I had to post it!

Source: NESN