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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breaking News: A Woman is Shot and Killed After Trying to Ram the White House Barricade and Capitol Hill!

Capitol Hill was rocked today with a police chase and shootout. Miriam Carey (with her 1 year old daughter in tow) rammed her vehicle into the barricades of the White House, then raced toward Capitol Hill in a frenzy. Gun shots and a police chase ensued. Which ended in the death of Miriam Carey. No one is clear on what happened with this woman as far as why she did it. I should note that the victim was unarmed.

Meanwhile Congress was still in session over the government budget. The U.S. Capitol went into full LOCKDOWN mode until the threat was resolved. Miriam Carey was a 34 dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut. Sources say she may have suffered from a mental illness. Although I don't know or think thats true, but I'm not sure guess the news will tell it all. The 1 year old was not hurt, physically but I'm sure mentally she's not doing too well.

This is tragic. People are assuming this has something to do with the Government Shutdown. However no one knows for sure why this woman did this or what she was trying to do. This is just sad and I hope that while Congress is arguing over money, more people don't die. Even if this was about this persons mental health then this is just a testament to how mental health is not important or even considered a strong problem in the United States. It needs to be apart of a normal healthcare insurance and instead of a separate insurance of its own. It needs to be addressed from birth to death. When you get a physical you should also get a mental evaluation. It needs to be protocol. But, if this was about the shutdown I fear whats going to happen next. People are dying left and right, I hope the Congress comes to an agreement soon, before the 15th of October!

 Witness Accounts via Associated Press


Source: ChicagoTribune