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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UPDATE: Which UPN/CW TV Show Maybe Getting a Big Screen Boost?

"Veronica Mars Opening Credits, 2004"

Veronica Mars has been pushed at many different production houses and producers for a movie deal but its been said that the cost to make one is too great a risk. Many producers don’t believe in the project because of its cancellation in 2007. Veronica Mars was a great TV show! I was a loyal fan of the show from the time it began in 2004 until 2007.

"Veronica Mars Season 2, 2006"

It was a great show about a wise cracking sassy teenager who although had her own troubling past was hell bent on finding out who murdered her best friend. Along the way Veronica was given or rather took on other cases and investigated them. Everything from lost iPods to murders. Veronica’s dad was the police chief and certainly understood that his daughter was always right there investigating whether he wanted her to or not. Although the show had a great following and did well on UPN and the CW it was cancelled because the CW decided to go in a different direction for their primetime lineup. But if you ask me it is a much-needed change from what is being put out on TV now. Reality TV is taking over and real actors are being pushed out. Shame on it all.

"Veronica Mars Final Season (3), 2007"

Anyway for quite some time Veronica Mars’ creator Rob Thomas has been trying to get the TV show to be adapted for the Big Screen. But on every turn the request has been denied. So Rob decided to go a different route. On the internet there is a new trend starting, a website called allows people from all walks of life to donate money to projects that are posted on the site or they can create a campaign to gain donations. Rob Thomas has decided to use the popular site to create a campaign for the movie and all or some of the profits to create the Veronica Mars movie. Here’s the deal: The campaign will run for 30 days, it will need to generate a minimum of 2 million for the movie to begin production and to allow Kristen to film the movie during her hiatus from her hit show “House of Lies” on Showtime. If for any reason the campaign does not meet the required amount needed then none of the money will used and the idea is dead and buried forever. There are perks for pledging as well: Depending on the amount given to the movie you will get to be a guest at the premier and after party, gain a small speaking role, name a character, have a copy of the script, have a Blu-Ray/DVD package given, etc. Many different levels of prizes or perks given to those of you who donate! Great idea, great concept, I cant wait to see what happens!

Here's the Campaign Video!

I for one would love to see a movie but 2 million in thirty days that’s a stretch. I hope it works out Kristen, the cast, and Rob. I loved the show and was sad to see it go. I wish they would reboot it somehow. Shows like Buffy, Angel, Moesha, Sister Sister, The Wayans, Veronica Mars, Everwood, Popular, etc. They were good shows. They explained everything that was wrong, good, funny, and ugly about a teen or young adults life. It was the perfect mirror of the 90s and early millennium. Shows like Veronica Mars are a dying breed. I’m going to definitely push this as much as I can. Veronica Mars’ Movie Campaign is available to donate right now, so if you want to see the movie then donate to the Kickerstarter campaign. Good Luck Veronica, Your Gonna Need IT!

*As I wrote this blog I checked the page and minimum amount needed has been exceeded, and its only been 2 DAYS! The Veronica Mars campaign has gone well beyond 3 Million dollars. That is the most money raised in a campaign in a 30-day time frame EVER on Congratulations Guys there’s a Veronica Mars Movie on the Horizon!!!!!*

*OMG The Project Has Been Funded! Officially the Final Tally is...$5,702,153. Funded by 91,585 Backers!*

Here's the link to campaign check it out -

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