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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger Thinks Being "Slutty" Makes Your Hollywood Career

"Nicole Scherzinger" 

Nicole Scherzinger is in the fire this week for her recent interview in The Indpendent. She spoke boldly and freely about her limited success as a solo artist. Here's a small piece of her interview via 

Within two years, [Nicole] had left Eden’s Crush, and was recruited into Pussycat Dolls, a pop act   created by a record- company executive that aimed to combine burlesque titillation with catchy, commercial songs. “My first response when I was invited to join was, No way!” she admits. k “I come from a strong religious background, and I had a very conservative upbringing. So I was nervous, and confused. Here I was wanting to be Whitney Houston, so why did I have to dress in lingerie to do that? I didn’t get it.”  
The demands of going to work in her bra and pants soon took its perhaps inescapable toll. From the very moment she became part of the group, Scherzinger was instructed to lose weight. That she didn’t need to lose weight was immaterial, she says. “I simply did as I was told. You know, I didn’t have the confidence to go around in all that lingerie. I’m a crazy b***h now, of course, and I’m all over that, I love it, I embrace it. But back then? Back then, I wasn’t comfortable at all. I’d never worn stuff like that in my life.” 
With these kind of songs, I don’t feel I have to justify myself to anyone. I come from the most religious family – my grandfather is a priest – and if they support me in all this, and they do, then I’m OK. I’m being sassy and classy; I’m having fun. I’m not coming from a dark place. To be honest with you, I sometimes wish I were more slutty. I’d probably be a lot more successful if I were.” 
“This is such a tough industry, you know. To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.” 
And has she? 
She turns back to face the mirror, and closes her eyes. Her make-up artist resumes her work. “No, I haven’t. That’s probably why I haven’t quite reached the top of my mountain. I mean, where’s my Tony Award, my Grammy, my Oscar? Why don’t I have any of those things yet?” 


      First off Ms. Nicole, I don't think you can get sluttier than you are or were in the pussycat dolls. I find it strange that you would even say those things. Its just typical of a woman who is reeling about where her career is going and why its stalling. The first single you put out flopped and you even had a great feature on it but it was still terrible. Honestly I think you need to sit back and re-evaluate yourself and career. Not all artists have to sell their souls to be great. 

As one of the panelists on Wendy Williams talk show said yesterday you have women like: Adele, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Sade, the Late Great Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, etc. These women are multi-platinum artists and have never comprised who they are to be one of the greats in their respective genres of music. They always conduct themselves with a great amount of dignity and respect. They are great speakers and from my understanding they have never sold their souls to acquire what they have. If for any reason you were pushed into a direction that kept your from reaching your goals then you should've ensured that the people around you were having your best interest at heart. Lesson learned Ms. Nicole. Don't hate on the women who have the Oscars, Grammys, and Tony awards. They worked to receive those accolades. Take a step back and look at those women I've mentioned you'll see they fought and made their own marks. Never did they complain about what somebody else had or got over them. 

Life is all about choices and if all you do is blame and never accept your faults you will continue to be a mediocre performer and artist. Good luck, Nicole! I hope everything works out for you in the end! 

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