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Thursday, July 11, 2013

In Alleged News....Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom May Be Divorcing, Due to Lamar's Infidelity


 Okay so here is the story. Radaronline and Star magazine are reporting that Khloe and Lamar may be ending their marriage over a year long affair Lamar had with a stripper (it's questionable whether she is a stripper or not) named Jennifer Richardson. Apparently the affair started in January of 2012 while Lamar was in Washington, D.C. after a game he had with the Dallas Mavericks. According to a friend of Jennifer's he took her out to dinner that night that they met. He took off her shoes and rubbed her feet a the table. She was smitten and he was smitten. Then at 3am that morning Lamar called her to his hotel room and of course she showed up. He took her phone and broke it down into pieces including removing the battery. According to her friend Jennifer assumed he was protecting himself from photos or recordings (Sidebar: WTF?) . Well once he broke down her phone he began caressing her and kissing her. Jennifer told her friend he was an amazing kisser (Sidebar Again: Right?!). She also claimed they didn't have sex, but they did everything else ;). They talked for hours apparently and really connected. Well Lamar left town after that, but before he did he gave her $3,000 (Sidebar: For Her Troubles I Assume? LOL) and promised to see her again. 

But with Lamar's hectic schedule and his trade to the Los Angeles Clippers it was awhile before Jennifer saw her lover again, 11 months to be exact. Until the Clippers had a game in Charlotte and they "happened" to run into each other at the Ritz-Carlton in the Lobby (Sidebar: YEAH RIGHT, Hmm). Sources for Radaronline and Star Mag say that Lamar ran up to her and gave her a big hug exclaiming that he had been looking for her and was glad to see her. Well right after that they had consummated their "love" and had sex all night. Lamar couldn't enough of his new love, he was insatiable says a friend of Jennifer's. That began the actual affair that went on for several months. Flying Jennifer all over the country so that he can see her. He even went so far as to tell Jennifer he wanted a threesome which she obliged with one of her friends. 

As the Clippers entered in the playoffs and filming for Keeping Up with Karshadians began it was difficult for Lamar to find time to see Jennifer and their relationship tapered off. Causing heartbreak for Jennifer. But when the Clippers were put out of the playoffs he reportedly ran back to her only to find an angry heartbroken woman who wanted nothing to do with him. 

Well Khloe got wind of the tryst and threw Lamar out! This story is alleged and Khloe's rep denies the cheating at all. Says this never happened. Since this story broke Lamar and Khloe have tried to make it work but it was Lamar who walked out and moved out of Khloe's home. Apparently he's tired of being a "Kardashian".

The mistress claims she has proof of the affair. Hotel invoices, ticket stubs, plane tickets, and more. She says that Lamar put her up in hotels and used his friend Anthony McNair as a cover. All the hotel stays, tickets, etc were put in McNair's name to cover his tracks. Jennifer claims she didn't do this for fame but I beg to differ.

My 2-Cents

First off if Lamar was cheating that's terrible for Khloe. I feel really bad for her. And if he was tired of being a "Kardashian" I can understand that too. But that doesn't condone his behavior or his actions. As for this woman Jennifer I have to say this seems to be a lot of BS. I'm sorry but her friend says this was not a ploy to be famous this was "love". Love? How can you fall in love with a married man? And why would you put yourself in a position where you are coming between a man and his wife? If they are having problems then tell him to either shit or get off the pot as my mother would say. No use in straddling the fence. 

When I read this article I was so angry not at Lamar but at Jennifer. She entered into the relationship under the guise of knowing that Lamar was married. His marriage is very public and we all know who he was married too. But she decided to see him anyway. You may have fallen in love, Jennifer I'll give you that but your intentions were not good by any means. All you cared about was yourself. You damn sure didn't give a damn about Khloe. 

And this whole "Kardashian" thing is BS. If Lamar didn't like the fact that the Kardashian name is major and overpowers their marriage or that he had to participate in the show Keeping Up With the Karsdashian's, Khloe would've done anything to make him feel comfortable and secure in their marriage. She took his last name when she married him. Kim didn't even do that in her 72 year marriage (SideBar: I wonder if Kim will take Kanye's last name if they get married? Hmm anyway I bet it won't be on tv, believe that). Khloe seems to be very good at assuring her man that she gonna ride for him. She does it all the time on the show. Think about? If you watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian's Khloe is very vocal about ensuring that she is an Odom. She understands that she is a married woman and that comes with responsibilities to him and your household. 

I just don't see this being true. If it was then why did she wait until now to come out with it? Why didn't she just cut her losses with Lamar after she allegedly told him off for being MIA for several months? And by the way you can't get territorial over a man that wasn't even yours in the first place. Know your place. If you constantly put yourself in a Sideline Hoe position that's what you will get treated like: SIDELINE HOE, PERIOD. 

I don't mean to be mean but its strange to me how you can act like he treated you so bad and did all these things but you ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU. This wasn't a mistake or he lied to you. You knew what you were getting into and you tried to take Khloe position. But it didn't work and now your bitter and trying to get even. And just to be clear I AM NOT TAKING UP FOR LAMAR. BECAUSE HE CAUSED ALL THIS DRAMA ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS COMMUNICATE WITH HIS WIFE OR LEAVE IF HE DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT WAS WORKING OUT. BUT NO HE COULDN'T DO THAT, CAUSE #REALTALK LAMAR WOULD NOT BE FAMOUS WITHOUT KHLOE! HE'S MEDIOCRE BASKETBALL PLAYER AND HAS THE PERSONALITY OF A WET BLANKET #ImJusSayin if all this is true then you have truly embarrassed your wife and your family.

Pull together Lamar. If this isn't true then fight tooth and nail to prove it! Protect your family and your wife. Ensure that this is refuted to the end!

Source: RadarOnline