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Friday, July 5, 2013

Today in the Ratchet Chronicles We Have...The Real Baby Mamas Of Richmond VA? WTF????

Now I know ya'll looking at this blog like for real Tiffany? You joking right? And I can honestly say with my head hung low that NO I AM NOT JOKING THIS IS FOR REAL!!!!

Cast Members of Internet Reality Show

I can't, I don't have much to say.  I know everybody wants to tell their story but are you serious? Instead of the Real Baby Mamas of Richmond, why couldn't it be called the Single Mothers of Richmond or just Single Mothers/Moms whatever something other than baby mama. It just seemed pointless for the show. I understand that every form of a woman should be represented. But not like this.

I'm sorry I just don't like this. I reading some of the comments for this show on YouTube and they were supporting the show. First off all the women have ignorant ass nicknames like Ms. Coco, Ms. Glamor, Big Red, Ms. Drama or the most ghetto nickname of all Ms. Twerk. When the lady begins the show she's showing her kids. She's talking in Ebonics a ghetto form of English. She's showing her children which by the way from what she says they are great kids. Smart, driven, strong kids its just their mother is being exploitative of herself and her children. This is just STUPID! There is no need to showcase the women in Richmond in this way. I'm glad this show isn't a nationally syndicated show and doesn't appear on any network. I just don't want another reality show on TV. Scripted TV shows still exist and honestly they need to start creating more scripted TV shows for real actors. *By the way: No disrespect to NeNe Leakes or anything but the reason why the New Normal didn't last was because of her horrible acting. If they would've chosen someone with serious acting chops or at least some acting skill the show probably would've gotten better reviews and been on longer. I can't be the only one to feel this way but those segments on the show where she was playing her mother and her father. Were absolutely ridiculous. It was something that should've been done, period. Just a MESS. But I digress...

Reality shows like this are stupid. It makes no since to create a show like this and actually put out there for the world to see and then get upset when people judge it. Listen here people I'm not supporting nothing like this ever! If they wants to put this on internet I will never watch this. I got as far as the opening credits of this show and then changed the channel. Oh and another thing you put your children in this show. Never mind the fact that this is on the internet and will never ever be able to be deleted truly. Just thought I would put that out there.

I'm all for showing facets of life and because statistics say that just about 2 out of 5 children come from a single-parent home I can see how this form of parenting can want to be represented but it needs to be done in a better way. In a classier way. Seriously this is terrible and as I said I'm not watching it ever. You can if you like I will put the videos in blog for you to see. Deuces y'all #ICant #Dead #NotaFan

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