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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shots Fired: Lil Mo Digs at Stevie Wonder's Boycotting Florida's "Stand Your Ground Law"

Lil Mo has decided to make a statement about the recent boycott of artists against the verdict of George Zimmerman, but made a particular dig at Stevie Wonder. Look I'm all for freedom of speech and she shouldn't be stifled simply because people don't like what was said. But you have to be respectful. Lil Mo took to twitter to voice her disdain about the recent boycotts of Florida by celebrities.

She tweeted:
“Ever since the verdict, a certain artist is boycotting the state of Florida. The fans don't deserve to be deserted,” she tweeted. “If the coin was right, would HIS staff accept or deny the gig? And if so how would he know? They could say it’s sumpter, sc or nah?”
“TBH some artists have staff that dedicate their LIFE to that artist so when that artists expires the TEAM outta work. Think abt it b4 u buck,” - See more at: Cocoafab
Really Lil Mo? Really? This is disrespectful and unacceptable. First off he has a right to assert himself for something he believes in. I don't think boycotting Florida will hurt him in anyway he could be in any country in the world and make twice as much as he would in a concert in Florida. He's not doing this to hurt his staff or anyone he's doing this to make a point. Stevie Wonder is a world wide artist and phenomenon. Furthermore there were plenty of other artists who are refusing to have concerts or anything in Florida, people like Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Madonna, and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. But you didn't make any snide comments at any of them in your twitter rant, No. You singled out Stevie Wonder in a roundabout way.

Second let these artists deal with the consequences of their actions. If its hurting them they will just have to eat that cost. Why are you concerned your not boycotting this way so L.I.G. Its not about what you said its how you said it. You weren't sounding concerned you sounded like you were trying to put someone on blast. Like they were just doing this boycotting thing for publicity. I do understand your frustration but this how they feel taking a stand would benefit the community and make Florida understand that the people do have a voice. And by the way there are artists who are doing small benefit concerts and showing up to vigils, but others feel that this is a better way to show their severe disdain for the injustice of Trayvon Martin.

Let's be real here, Stevie Wonder didn't have to boost his career by getting on reality TV. So he's not missing a beat by boycotting Florida His music is timeless. No matter how many breaks he takes, he can always come back with new music or old music and out sell you and everyone else in the world without even trying. So fall back Lil Mo and in the words of The Rock: "Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth" Let them express their voice the way they want. If you don't want to boycott this way that's your business. I'm not judging you but you can't judge them for what they decide to do for themselves and their community. #imjussayin

What do y'all think?

Source: Cocoafab