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Monday, July 8, 2013

Afro-Centric Pride!!!!! Cynthia Bailey is Getting a Doll and it Gonna Have an Afro!!!!

According to WetPaint the One World Doll Project has selected Cynthia Bailey for their next DOLL line! Awesome! That's great right? Well that's not all, the doll will also have one of Cynthia's famous looks as the doll's signature look...the AFRO!!!! I loved that look on Cynthia and I'm going to love it on the doll. She described the look of the doll and how she felt about representing for African American women:

“Being a little girl myself many years ago, I used to love playing with dolls. I didn’t have an African American one and I definitely didn’t have one with an Afro, which the fact that the first Cynthia Bailey doll will come out with an Afro, just sends a very powerful message,"
“A lot of times with young kids, it’s a struggle to find your identity, to feel good about how you look,. So an Afro for any African American child, it just sends a very powerful message saying, ‘Hey, you don’t have to have straight hair. You can have an Afro and it’s okay'."

There aren't plenty dolls out there that represent black culture. If there are more they they are letting on then I would love to see them mass marketed!!! I want to see more Barbie commercials with more than just Caucasian dolls. There should be a wide variety of dolls because the world is made up of a wide variety When I was a kid they began making dolls of different ethnicity african american, hispanic, asian, etc. I'm glad Cynthia and the One World Doll Project chose the Afro. Its an iconic look and I think if done properly anyone can pull it off! 

Congrats Cynthia! 

Source: WetPaint