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Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh Wendy...Wendy Williams Goes In on Kirk and Rasheeda!

Wendy Williams show yesterday was pretty I actually watch it regularly. Sometimes I agree with what she said and sometimes I don't. But I can honestly say that her show is very entertaining.

Basically on Wednesday's episode of Wendy she confessed that she regularly watches Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. She was obviously embarrassed to say that she watches the show but her focus was on the Kirk and Rasheeda saga that has been dominating the show. For the most part on the first season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the relationship between Joseline, Mimi and Stevie J was the main storyline. Adding in some fights between Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, and K. Michelle as well as the secondary storyline which was the relationship with Scrappy and Erica along with Scrappy sideline chick Shay.

Well Wendy decided to speak her mind and tell the nation that the story behind Kirk's infidelity was a ploy to get more face time on the show and put some of the other cast members to back. Making them the stars of the show. Anyway here's Wendy, take a look at the clip:

Well I can't say that I don't agree with Wendy. Cause in this instance I do. Kirk and Rasheeda had small drama on the show last season. It wasn't explosive like this season. But it was drama. This is far beyond what anyone expected from Kirk. He seemed so much better than that, and on the first season he seemed to genuinely love his wife. So for him to do a complete 180 like that is mind boggling. Another reason I can kind of agree with Wendy is that when people tracked down Mary Jane on twitter and started just ripping her to shreds, she responded to one of the tweets by saying "This is all about making money. This is strictly business." That kind of made me say "Hmmm, business huh."

Now let's SPECULATE: Maybe Rasheeda and Kirk wanted more relevance on the show, so on their down time they got in contact with Mary Jane and came up with this plan to make up a fight. But that's far fetched. like I said I was just SPECULATING but it could explain why Mary Jane is so callous about the situation. And Kirk's nonchalant attitude would also be explained. It just seemed messed up. But on the flip side Rasheeda is pregnant and I don't think she would involve her unborn child in some mess like that. I'm just saying.

Hopefully Wendy is just talking and none of this is true. What made me laugh a little bit at the show though was when Wendy's talking to the TV and telling the cast members of Love and Hip Hop ATL: "Don't call to ask for an interview. You are not the caliber of guests that I want for my show except for my Puerto Rican princess Joseline. Only I can't understand a word she's saying so we'll just use the close captioning." As ratchet and messy as Wendy is, if she don't want you on her show you know something is wrong. #RealTalk

I hope this isn't true and that this played out in front of the cameras due to the fact the Kirk is a jerk. I hope and pray. For Real.

Source: MadameNoire & WendyShow