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Monday, July 15, 2013

WOW!!!!! Protests for Travyon Martin Have Popped Up All Over the NATION!!!!!

I was running through my facebook feed and I found a blog that had posts of peaceful protests from all over the country. Check it out:

Sabrina Sheppard, 8, of Sanford, Florida, prays at the‪#‎TrayvonMartin‬ memorial

"Guns in the Air" - NYC Times Square 

My friend Ryan at the NYC rally

Not Cool With this but.... 14th and Broadway -
 Oakland, CA. Protestors
burning the American Flag. 

57th Street - NYC - streets clogged with Protestors

Arial shot of NYC, Times Square. Protestors
still marching despite
NYPD's attempts to start riots and fights.

Crenshaw Blvd, L.A

Durham, NC for Trayvon

Folks beginning to gather at the Dept. of Justice in D.C. 

Houston - Rally For Trayvon TODAY

L.A. - The 10 Freeway

L.A. Shutting Down the Freeway Marching For Trayvon 

Miami - Rally for Trayvon TODAY

NYC - NYPD beginning to instigate and
arrest people, riling up crowd

NYC - Times Square

NYC Times Square - old Fashioned sit-in. 

Protestor allegedly hit by rubber bullets by the LAPD 
per @elonjames this guy came to disrupt the
Oakland protests, yelling slurs and then when folks
 reacted he ran to the police.

Rain didn't stop Dallas from protesting
the Zimmerman Verdict.

San Diego For Trayvon

San Francisco

This is from the Justice for Trayvon rally at
Marshall Park in Charlotte, NC 

Trayvon Martin Rally in New Orleans, LA.
Youth at Trayvon Martin Rally in Roxbury, MA

#Justice4Trayvon #Zimmerman #ZimmermanFree 

Peaceful protests are great if you believe it can work I'm all for it. 

Source: OHellNawlBlog