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Friday, August 16, 2013

In WTF News: Kmart Ads are Deemed to Be Offensive?! Really, Are You Serious?!

First off let me just say this is the dumbest debate in the world, the people who have a problem with the commercials are the ones setting black people back. #imjussayin

I can't understand for the life of me what the problem is with these commercials. I think the commercials are cute and smart on Kmart's behalf. 

Kmart has come under fire for their commercials that are currently in circulation. A kids rap group named the Da Rich Kidzz from Minneapolis, ranging from ages 10 to 13 are seen rapping in the video about the clothes and the available selection for back-to-school. 

Da Rich Kidzz are a kids rap group from the Minneapolis area. they are apart of the after school program sponsored by the YMCA called Beats and Rhymes. All the songs in every commercial are songs that the kids themselves wrote.

The Founders of the Beats and Rhymes program are Matt Kjorstad and a 7th grade artist Dameon Jones. They sat down with MSNBC's Craig Melvin and talked about the program:
"A lot of our young people love hip-hop, love music. This is a chance for young people, like Dame, to get into the studio and work with incredible staff everyday."
But not everyone is as enthusiastic about the commercial as Kmart and its supporters. Comments on their YouTube page for the video suggest that people are outraged by the commercial. For instance a YouTube user named djokawar wrote:
"This commercial sets black people back about 100 years. This black criminal subculture that has become mainstream is the worst thing for the black people."
WTF? Are you serious? 100 years? GTFOH! 

But there are those who posted support for the ads:

 YouTuber Dyverse said: 
"I love this so creative."
YouTuber Justusfive1 said: 
"How are people mad because of a commercial i swear people have no lives at least their talking about school an not drugs,guns,a**, an loads of money their talking about clothes for school an a damn bus i swear people are never satisfied smdh"
The Grio's managing editor Joy Ann Reid join a conversation that was had on MSNBC Thomas Roberts that discussed Kmart's re branding strategy (and I'm paraphrasing here) but here's a compilation of what was said:
"These kids are rapping about school clothes, their school bus, and their lockers, not thug language. This is how kids talk everyday whether they are Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, doesn't matter. This is mainstream pop culture." 
Here's What I Think...

First off this YouTuber djokawar is an IDIOT! These are KIDS! KIDS! Rapping about going to school and getting clothes. They are not rapping about how many women they can get or how much money they plan on having or how they take drugs. They are rapping about preparing for a important phase in every kids life, SCHOOL! If this video sets African Americans back 100 years then every rap video ever made from the time rap music has been out up until now should take us back to Africa! We should be back in the motherland now if that's the case!

People who supported these kids in this video are awesome and I commend you guys for your great comments and backing up Kmart and the Beats and Rhymes program. Programs like this keeps those same kids from being on the streets hanging out with thugs and selling their bodies or drugs. This program is a great idea and I'm so glad that Kmart took it upon themselves to utilize the YMCA program and shine a light on kids doing something constructive and positive versus the alternative.

Kmart is getting the same controversial backlash that Cheerios got for their interracial commercial. I feel like every time a major company tries to do something right to portray both African Americans and Caucasians in a good light, they say something ignorant and bash it. But then people complain when their are no African Americans represented in a positive light in the media. Its like you damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I think this commercial was a good idea and was cleverly put together. The kids are cute, dressed nice, they weren't sagging or wearing skin tight clothes. They looked like cute, sweet, smart little girls and boys. So Kmart you get a big THUMBS UP from me for finally showing people that not all kids are turning into Lil Wayne and Miley Cyrus just because they listen to rap/pop music.

GOOD JOB, Kmart!

If you've never seen the commercial here it is:

Do you agree with the statements made against the commercial or are you okay with it?

Source: The Grio