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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Updated! In Cheater News:: Like Sand Through the Hourglass....The Jumpoff of Kirk the Jerk, Mary Jane was on Big Tigger's Show

Shocker....(Note the Sarcasm), Mary Jane AKA Alexis is on every radio outlet and she's just talking talking talking! This woman is really trying to capture her 15 minutes of fame! In the interview Tigger asks her "Did you know he was married?" I would imagine the question was for clarification. Her response was "Of course I knew. But she gave him a pass, they were on a break" Really? REALLY? That is such a cop out! She knew damn well that's not how it went down. Her nonchalant attitude is crazy. She has no feelings of being sad or remorseful about it. She just acts like it was another day in Atlanta for her while the rest of the world is ready to lynch her ratchet ass. All this calm cool and collected act lasts for a few seconds until Bambi shows up! Watch in VIDEO BELOW:

This isn't the first time Ms. Mary Jane has put herself in someone elses marital woes or marriage. Mary Jane also has struck up with the likes of Shaq during his marriage to Basketball Wives Queen Shaunie O'Neal. Mary Jane's former makeup artist and friend claimed that Shaq hurt her badly and that Mary Jane was taken advantage of. She claimed Mary Jane was a young mother who was vulnerable and borderline Bi-Polar. She says that Shaq strung Mary Jane along under the guise that she would be his woman and he was leaving his wife. Then in 08 she filed a restraining against Shaq claiming he threatened her. This charade continued for more than 2 years!

Mary Jane made no qualms about her affairs with married men. She's even boasted about it. More recently garnering blog talk about her twitter quote "Hide Your Husbands". And then in a radio interview she was also quoted saying "A Man is Either Going to Marry a Hoe or Cheat on His Wife With One." Well I guess we all know what she classifies herself as! LOL

Now Lets Look at the Situation In It's Entirety....

As a woman you expected a married man to be honest with you and committed to you while he was in a full blown relationship with his WIFE? Hmm...Mistake #1. You then go on national TV about 5 years later (who knows how many married men you've been with in that time frame) and publicly PUBLICLY sleep with a man you know damn well is MARRIED and on top of that you know HIS WIFE AND SHES PREGNANT WHICH U ALSO KNEW!! Mistake #2. Then you get upset because people are judging you and chastising you because of your LACK OF RESPECT. And then you decide to tell everyone in the world to "Hide your Husbands" Mistake #3. Then you capitalize on your trifling ways by going on every blog, radio and or TV show that will have you and discussing it like your talking about walking down the street. That's sad. Mistake #4 and the nail in your coffin.

Mary Jane I see you coming a mile away. You are a groupie X50. You will do anything in your power to make yourself popular and relevant that includes being a party to ruining a 15 year relationship. You are a poster child for women put their stock in a man. Stupidity is written all over your face. Basically putting a sign on your ass that says FOR SALE. Why couldn't you be a classy hoe and be private about it? Keep your panties on until the doors close or rather the cameras are off. You are constantly in a hustle state always looking for a man who has money to take care of you or fame for you to latch on. Honey you are ratchet as hell. Do I think your Bi-Polar? HELL NO! Until I see some proof you'll just be a dumb hoe, PERIOD. I'm sorry for the harsh words but you are not even trying to be remorseful for the woman whose life you just RUINED ON NATIONAL TV!

Rasheeda may be a lot of things but at least she's real. I can't take that from her. I have to give her that. She's also pregnant with his child, have some respect for their relationship good or bad and keep your ASS out of it. And I'M THROUGH!

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