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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Health Scare!!! Chris Brown Suffered a Seizure!

Chris Brown is in the news again but not for any beef or violent act. Chris suffered non-epileptic seizure during his while at the recording studio. What was the cause of this seizure? Insurmountable stress and negativity from former fans and non-supporters. At least that was part of the statement given by his camp after 911 was called and the paramedics examined him. Chris' doctor is the one who stated the cause of the seizures was high stress. According to Brown released a tweet on Twitter saying:
 “They won’t love u until u r a memory…”
He also hinted in a tweet that his next album X, would probably be his last and then wrote,
“I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18.”

Chris I hope you get better and began a MUCH NEEDED healing process. Good Luck, #RealTalk!

Let Me Say This.....

Chris here is what you need to do. Unplug yourself from the world for awhile Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Shut every account you have down, temporarily but for a substantial amount of time. You need to be alone. Literally alone, no fans, no entourage, the only you should allow is someone who is close family your mother or sibling. And maybe a really close friend of yours. Other than that no one else, no women NO ONE. Then do some serious soul searching.

I'm not going to brow beat you or come at you with some self righteous speech cause I'm not perfect and I know you're not perfect and I damn sure don't expect you to be. But you are going through something serious. And its going to take time away from everything that's distracting you from YOU!

You need to find out what you really want in this life and find the strength to be able deal with the good and bad that constantly affects you as a celebrity and a person. Running away is not going to fix it. Know This: No matter how many times you run that same problem will always be there. You need to face your problem head on and learn how to cope in the world you live in. Not everyone is going to like you and unfortunately the hatred is continuous and in your face and for that I feel sorry for you. But I firmly believe you have to find the strength within and persevere. 

You have been forgiven by a lot of people for the mistakes you've made including the one you hurt. But you should really think about forgiving yourself. Sometimes when you go through something traumatic like that (whether you caused the trauma or not) you end up suppressing your true feelings and constantly burying them so that you don't have to deal. Mental anguish can sometimes develop into physical pain because you have literally been mentally broken. I think this is what is happening to you. I don't know you and I have never presumed to know you. But going off what you say and post and after this health scare I'm going to deduce that you are going through some serious trauma. I think you should go and see a therapist, regularly. Just so that you can have a safe place to vent and clear your head. Someone who is completely impartial, their not on your side on any one's side. They look at every situation that is given to you from a third party perspective. There's nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. They can help you and they won't have an ulterior motive. Their job is to ensure their patients are in good mental health.

I think taking a long break after this album is a GREAT IDEA! You need and deserve the time. As I said before I am not going to brow beat you and make you feel bad you've had enough of that. Everyone in this world makes mistakes. It just so happens that yours was done on a grand scale in front of the world and that's unfortunate. I hope you get better and really began to focus on what you want out of life for yourself. Like many people say and I hate to say this (because it is so cliche and I just hate the saying) but its needed in this situation: You Need to Find Out Who You Are and Who You Are Going to Become. Much Love and Health C. Breezy!

For the people who constantly send hate mail, tweets, or Facebook statuses/messages to this man L.I.G it. Seriously, let it go. There is no need to prosecute this man after he's already been punished by the justice system (whether you agree with the time given or not). If you don't support him then fine just don't buy his music. But stalking him via twitter and every other social networking site is borderline insane. Leave him alone. For all of you point the finger I know for a fact that there should be one pointing back at yourself. You've done some questionable and down right wrong things in your life and yet no one is constantly throwing stones at you for it. If you don't like him fine, you don't like his music or don't support his career, fine. Then let that be your protest. Posting signs of Rihanna's beaten face and again stalking his social networking sites is ridiculous bullying that does nothing for you or him. JUST LEAVE THE MAN ALONE! 

Source: GossipCop & MadameNoire