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Monday, August 19, 2013

Toni Braxton Has a Major Wardrobe Malfunction and Isn't as Bad as Their Making It Out to Be!

R&B Queen Toni Braxton had a concert in New Brunswick, NJ. She was performing and unfortunately the back of her dress fell down. Fell down low enough to expose her behind. A fan caught the footage and sold it to TMZ who of course blasted it all over the internet.

This video shows its not as bad as it seems. She has on flesh colored bodysuit so its not that bad.

So let's just get over it, it happened now move on. Besides Toni's no stranger to showing skin. You remember her 2001 Grammy Dress that showed damn near everything! She couldn't hide nothing in that. And from what I hear stylist Tameka Raymond was her stylist back then.

Source: HuffingtonPost