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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rumor Mill: Some Love and Hip Hop: New York Cast Members Get the BOOT!


WARNING: The first part of this blog will read as if the rumor is true. So this is my feelings about it if it is true. 

Well, well how the mighty have fallen. I find it funny that some of the people on this list were true ass holes on the last season of Love and Hip Hop New York and now they are no longer on reality TV, so sad. Karma's a BITCH!

Anyway got an email from z107.9 (cause I'm subscribed to their site) in the title of the email it says Love and Hip Hop fires Staff! I'm thinking okay which of the producers got fired. But when I looked at the article it was actual cast members who got the boot! These select cast members were: Consequence and Jen the Pen, Loreal, Raqi Thunda, Winter Ramos, and Kailyn. I say good riddance to Raqi Thunda and Consequence. Something about those two that just rubbed me the wrong way. Consequence is a arrogant, chauvinistic asshole. And Raqi Thunda is an opportunist. I don't like the way she operates. She's very shady. Anyway Jen the Pen I'm not sad that she's gone but you couldn't have her without Consequence. With the way he operates there's no way he would let her do anything without his say so. Loreal she was alright, not trying to be rude but her music was wack and there was no reason for her to be on the show at all (can say the same thing for Erica Mena and Karlie Redd but that's a topic for another day. oh and by the way I know that Karlie Redd is on LHHATL but her music is of equal quality to Loreal and Erica Mena #horrible #imjussayin). Kailyn, I'm actually sad to see her go. She seemed like a very young easily persuaded girl. She seemed inexperienced in the world as an adult. She carried herself like a child for the most part (blindly loyal and unconditionally in love with Joe) and I really felt bad for her. I wish she would've been able to stay. So maybe she could find her way, flourish, and make her mark on the world without Joe. Not to say that Joe is a bad guy, I really like Joe Budden but he isn't the one for her. And Winter Ramos not even familiar with her one bit so I don't care whether she stays or goes.

However fellow cast mates: Joe Budden, Olivia, Erica Mena, Yandy, Rich Dollaz, and Tahiry have all be asked back to the show along with new cast member K. Michelle. Rashidah Ali has yet to be confirmed as a guarantee for Love and Hip Hop New York.

The reason why this alleged is because this story originates from Mediatakeout and they are known for reporting lies and rumors as fact. So until I see reputable sources reporting this I will treat this as nothing more than a RUMOR!


I SERIOUSLY doubt if this true. They just had a big protest a couple months ago. Their contract dispute halted production on the trailer for the new season of the show. It wasn't just the select cast members that were so called "booted from the show" it was everyone. Some showed up to the set and walked out. Others didn't show up at all. Causing Mona to have to call up emergency meetings with producers, VH1 executives, and cast members to negotiate the contracts. 

Eventually it was settled but the question lingers: Why didn't Mona fire all them back then? That would've been the perfect time to fire the ones she didn't want or felt like she didn't need. #RealTalk it wouldn't bother me one way or another if they were scraped or not. Love and Hip Hop New York is an okay show. But its not something I watch on the regular. I can do without it, seriously. So if this is true, Good Luck to the people who were let go and if its not then see you on the next season of Love and Hip Hop New York, maybe I haven't decided if I want to watch it or not. 

Source: Mediatakeout and z107.9