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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Can't and Won't Believe This: One of My Fave YouTube Celebs Gets Accused of Plagiarism!

YouTube can make a you a star. Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Bo Burnham, Stevie Ryan, Spoken Reasons all these YouTube stars have made their careers off their YouTube channels. But for this guy it made him both famous and infamous. Kain Carter (love your name by the way) aka Hotdamnirock has been on YouTube for 5 years posting videos about relationships, women, men, just anything he felt like talking about. To me and millions of other people they are hilarious and he's built a very strong following. I was first introduced to him through my little brother. He shared a video on his Facebook timeline called Poor Pussy Management and that was the first video I ever watched by Hotdamnirock but definitely not the last.

It was hilarious and some of it was true but never the less I found it funny, uniquely creative, and completely offensive but in a good way, lol. Anyway from then on I was hooked. I looked at all his past videos, subscribed to catch the new vids and told all my friends and family about his channel. 

That was about 3 years ago. I've been a faithful fan of his ever since (still a faithful fan). But within the last year or so I stopped following YouTube for awhile (and I kind of lost track of his videos and a few others that I'm subscribed to) but not for any particular reason I just needed to take a break from the net. And then I woke up one morning to a fire storm of hatred and absolute assault on Hotdamirock. I started to see all these hateful messages about Hotdamnirock in my Twitter and Facebook feed. Calling him a loser, a swagger jacker, people saying they lost respect for him, everything under the sun that was disturbing, disrespectful and rude was there. I was shocked at some of the things that were said. Just basically murdering the man's name and brand all over social media. Well I didn't understand the reason why until my husband came home and told me. Apparently the material used in six of his videos was the material of a famous comic, the late Patrice O'Neal. Hotdamnirock used every word from Patrice O'Neal's show The Black Philip Show in the videos. It was wrong because of the way he went about it, but I don't think that Hotdamnirock was trying to bite off the work. If you scroll down and view the video of his response to all the backlash he's received he explains what happened and why he did it.

Now I knew who Patrice O'Neal was, but I never saw or heard this show before. I saw his stand-up on Comedy Central, it wasn't my cup of tea but it was entertaining enough for me to watch it all the way through. I just wasn't major a fan of his. Doesn't mean I don't respect the man or his craft. He was a great comedian he just wasn't one of my favorites.

When he was ousted so to speak by a guy named Dante Nero, who was a good friend of Patrice's here's the backlash he received from some twitter users (If want the harder ones then you need to search for them yourselves.):

What do I think? Well...

Here's the thing. People are saying that he's stolen material from Patrice O'Neal I can understand why they would say that. He did admittedly use Patrice O'Neal's material in his videos and should have to take a hit for that. But in spite of all of this backlash for these videos, those are not his most popular videos. He has others that are of original content and personally I don't think he intended to build his career off someones work. Why would he need to? He already had his career in his own right, there was no need to piggy back off Patrice O'Neal. Now because of that one video (and several others) people are looking over his body of work and nit picking at every single video, every line that looks even remotely similar or sounds like any other comedians material. Well you might as well do that for every YouTube comedian, stand-up comedian, etc. Cause Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, etc. they all talk about the same thing. What sets them apart? The content and delivery of their material. And that's the TRUTH!

 For him to get millions of views and thousands of followers in his short stint on YouTube that would be a hell of a magic trick for him to steal other comedians jokes and on liners and then pass them off as his own. With the way social media is today and how the world is revolving around Twitter and Facebook there is no way this dude's channel would even exist. They would've figured that out with the first couple of videos he made.

Furthermore, let's delve deeper into this plagiarism topic. Technically yes if your just looking at the six videos and not his entire body of work you could assume that he has stolen the man's material word for word and didn't give him his props. I would assume that was theft too. But because I have seen his work beyond just those videos, I don't believe this was his intent at all. I think he just made a mistake and its gotten blown out of proportion. I think if he would've explained at the end of the video that this material did not belong to him and he was paying homage to a man he admired and respected, then it would've blown up like it did and people would have a much different take on it. However he didn't do that so now there is major major backlash. He admitted he made a mistake, but all that is irrelevant to people who have bashed him in the media. Its sad that people are so quick to pass judgement. 

But first let me say this. There are so many people on YouTube who recycle the same topics (and sometimes the same content) in their videos and the only thing that changes is their delivery and their opinion. But no one accuses them of stealing material (I'm talking on a grand scale like what Hotdamnirock has just endured). So guys like KevinEdwardsJr, LifeAccordingToJimmy, SpokenReasons, JerryLavigneJr, ThisIsACommentary, TPindell, TimothyDeLaGhetto, BracheHayes, JerkTV (RIP), and David Spates you could say that they have each bit off of each other at some point if you focus solely on the videos that similar to other channels. Then what? Are you going to tell them and countless other YouTubers that they are biting, plagiarizing, and stealing too? Are you going to tell them they have to shout out the countless others who have created these same kinds of videos in their videos? No your not. If you do then you would be wrong! All these guys may have similar content in some of their videos but what makes them unique is them! They are the heart and soul of their channel. People flock to them because their persona and delivery. They have a spark, an attraction that is unique to them. No matter of the title or the basic content of the video is the same you won't have the same outcome in the. And another thing these guys add other aspects to their videos that make them totally unique. Seriously take a look at the links I've provided above including Hotdamnirock. They are all creative, driven, and dedicated to their craft. Each have a body of work that is impressive and unique to them. And that's what you should focus on, THE BODY OF WORK, not one video.  

I said all of that to say this, Hotdamnirock has been crucified for some of his videos and in some instances I understand it, others I don't. I understand it because he didn't give Patrice O'Neal his props, okay mistake made and recognized. After he admitted his mistake and apologized, people are still bashing him and treating him like garbage. We all have a backyard people and if somone was able to place a camera in your home for a day and see the ignorant, stupid, downright evil things you do in your how you probably would blasted all the over the internet too. #imjussayin Think before you judge.

 I feel really bad for the guy but I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and just bully him for a mistake. I don't believe in that and I don't think that its right. To everyone else out there doing it you should really take a look at his response video. The man isn't lying when he says he's not trying to steal Patrice O'Neal's material and make it his own. He explains his reasoning for posting the videos the way he did. And I believe him. Check it out:

Give Kain Carter a break. I understand his reasoning for doing the video but it was the way he went about it. I know he now understands what he did was not proper but in the grand scheme of things he had no intention of making all his videos a part of Patrice's legacy. I feel as though people will do anything to have a reason to judge someone. I on the other hand will not do that. I may blog and give my opinion about topics and situations that are relevant in the news and to me but I won't report on something that is hurtful or mean and then just rally behind because some body else said so. I form my own opinions whether its apart of the major or not. I am my own woman and I make up my own mind and I say the guy is funny, real, and he's got a full career ahead him. This will eventually blow over and when it does he can move on with his life. As for me he's got my full support.

I'm a rock wit you Kain Carter, you got a fan for life in me!

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