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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rumor Mill: Lupe Fiasco May Be Getting Sued by His Former Mentor's Ex-Wife!

Lupe Fiasco is being caught up in some news that I never would've associated with him. According to TMZ the ex-wife of Chilly is suing Lupe for hiding well over $9 million dollars from her.

If you're a fan of Lupe Fiasco's as I am then you would know about Charles Chilly Patton a former mentor of Lupe's and a convicted drug lord. Chilly was busted in 2003 carrying 6 Kilos of heroin which later lead to the evidence of his heroin empire in Chicago. His ex-wife Inita is claiming that Lupe helped his friend by hiding the money before Chilly went down so that she wouldn't get the money. She claims that Chilly left instructions for Lupe to follow to the letter. Allegedly the instructions were to hide the money in a secret account that only he and Chilly would know about.

Lupe Fiasco and his lawyers have denied these allegations. Lupe's lawyers have stated that despite the ties that Lupe has to Chilly he has not participated in any illegal activity, there are no hidden accounts and no instructions. Chilly Patton is counter suing his ex-wife Inita for squandering funds given to her for real estate ventures that never happened.

Lupe Fiasco has responded via twitter saying:
"Dear God please let this stupid a-- scandal allow me to make more money from album sales so I can buy a Ferrari F40. Amen #100Bricks," 
Well that answers that!

I cannot say for sure that this is not true but just going off of gut instinct I don't believe it. But I have no definitive proof, the only thing we have is the word of a scorned ex-wife and Lupe Fiasco. I just don't believe he would knowingly do something like this. Its strange that Chilly's ex-wife Inita would wait this long to finally get to Lupe. But apparently she's been tracking a very long, complicated, and twisted money trail that leads straight to Lupe; so she says. 

Girl just cut your losses and let it go. Before you end up paying out money on your end. 

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