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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Magazine Love: The Family of Trayvon Martin Graces the Cover of Ebony Magazine, Along with Several Celebrity Tributes. Take A Look At This Touching Tribute!

This September issue of Ebony Magazine has four different covers. All a tribute to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and injustice that occurred during George Zimmerman's trial. A movement was created in light of the tragic event called Save Our Sons. Ever since Trayvon's murder there were countless shocking murders before his and astonishingly more after. Young men as young as 11 years old being shot and killed for something as simple as walking in the neighborhood. To prevent these tragedies from happening this organization and movement was created to bring awareness to young men and teach them how to respond when approached by police or anyone. It was started in Jacksonville, Fl by St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church pastor Rev. John Guns. 

In light of the families tragedy these celebrity fathers are also gracing the cover of Ebony Magazine in hoodies with their sons. 

Source: TheFloridaTimes via & Ebony