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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rumor Mill: Nicki Minaj Is Getting Sued for Her Hit Song Starships!

Electronic artist Clive Tanaka is suing the Princess of Rap over her song Starships. Nicki's producers: RedOne, Falk, Hector and Yacoub, are also named in the lawsuit. Being natives to Sweden these producers knew and heard of the song, because it was in syndication throughout the country in various television ads. Clive Tanaka's song called Neu Chicago was widely popular over in Sweden and his lawyer Christopher Niro says the songs are nearly identical. Nicki's camp has yet to respond but I assume this will be dealt with outside of court.

Having listened to the song I have to say it is the same music melody and arrangement except for the breakdowns. Listen below for yourself:

The music industry is no stranger to copyright infringement. This has happened before. The most well known is probably the one-hit-wonder rapper Vanilla Ice. He was sued for his song Ice Ice Baby. The song he ripped off was David Bowies - Under Pressure.  He won his case though because his song had one more hit on the snare drum than the original. An extra hit on the snare drum made the judge rule in Vanilla Ice's favor. Don't know if the scales will tip in Nicki Minaj's favor, the court system is fickle.

Here's My Advice:

Nicki, honey you should settle this out of court and pay this guy the money. Listening to the track it sounds like the producers ripped off his song without his consent. Just settle this quietly and no one will even know. Well no one but me and the few thousand people who read the
Chicago blog I got this from and the few people who read this blog, anyway just pay the man. It'll go away eventually and maybe he can be a producer for you since you like his music. At least it'll be legit, right? #imjussayin

Source: HotNewHipHop