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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In Social Media News: Amanda Thurston Calls Fellow Classmates Monkeys on Vine and Twitter! Why is World Going Crazy?!

A college student named Amanda Thurston posted on her Twitter and Vine a video clip with the caption: "Welcome to FAMU I mean FSU. #monkeyseverywhere #FSU #MarketWednesday"

After her video clip and caption went viral her fellow classmates took action. Calling for an immediate expulsion, for her racial slurs and racist attitude. But Amanda deleted all her social networking accounts and went to the police claiming her accounts had been hacked. Right. The police are investigating to see if Amanda is indeed telling the truth.

Regardless the students of Florida State are going to hold a Town Hall meeting on September 11th.

Well What Do I Think?

Amanda Thurston knew what she was doing when posted that video. Do I think her account was hacked? No I highly doubt it. She's just running to save face. But you would have to be a moron to think this would work. Although you've shut down you social media accounts they can still be traced back to your phone, laptop and or desktop computer.

Amanda just admit what you did, accept your consequences and move on. And try to make better decisions about the things you post on social media. It can be detrimental to your reputation and scar you for life.

Honestly I don't know the girl so I can't say for sure she was doing this with malice in her heart but just the mere fact that she entertained the ideas and posted it online is not helping her case.

Amanda give up the charade and admit your mistake. It'll all work out in the long run.