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Monday, August 19, 2013

In WTF? News Pt 1: 3 NYC High School Kids Re-Enact Chris Brown & Rihanna's 2009 Domestic Dispute

Well this is disturbing. 

(Found This on TheGrio it was from October of 2012. Couldn't Hold My Tongue About It I Had to Voice My Opinion)

At Waverly high school in New York City, 3 students competed in a contest to be "Mr. Waverly". Their entry was to re-enact Chris Brown and Rihanna's 2009 incident. This dispute is the main reason for Chris Brown's infamous status and his troubles with the law. These 3 students chose to re-enact this entire scene in front of students, parents and faculty at a pep rally for the school. The students even went so far as to paint themselves in brown paint to provide a more accurate re-enactment of the dispute.

Former students of the school were outraged. Here's some of their statements via CNN:
Former Waverly High School student Vlad Chituc said, 
“I think it’s unconscionable that such blatant racism has been tacitly approved two years in a row.”
Another former student, Hannah Van Wie-Desisti, said, 
“I used to be so proud of where I came from. Not so much now due to the recent incident. I found it unfathomable that the faculty would not only approve this idea for the skit in the first place, but allow it to go on during the pep rally. I honestly don't believe that the students meant to offend, but were just ill informed of how offending their skit actually was. The staff should have stopped it before it even started. By acting like the skit was acceptable, they are teaching their students that racism is okay and that abuse is humorous.”
The school district superintendent Joseph Yelich said,
“The Waverly School District is committed to creating a positive atmosphere through our activities,”
“I will be working with our building administrators, our staff and our students to examine our current activities and develop future activities consistent with our commitment.”
 A question that has been asked is Where were the faculty? Well they were sitting right there watching and cheering the performance. It was viewed as if nothing was wrong and simply a satirical interpretation of pop culture. Another question that pops into my head is one of the former students Vlad claims this is the second incident of "racist antics" at this school that have been allowed. I'm just shocked that this is even allowed. School is supposed to be and is a sanctuary for some students. They are supposed to feel safe and can escape their home lives especially if they are having a hard time. But I know I would never EVER send my child to this school EVER in life if I moved to NYC. I would go broke paying for a private school before I let that happen.

What Do I Think?

This is ridiculous. I wouldn't feel any differently if it was African Americans dressing up in white paint or if they weren't in paint at all I wouldn't feel any differently. Its the content of the re-enactment that concerns me. The brown paint was just icing on the cake. But to re-enact something that destroyed 2 young people's lives is absolutely insane. 

And what really strikes me as odd is the fact that the faculty and the students were there and said nor did anything to stop. From the article that I read they acted like it was alright. Like they were acting a scene from the Muppet's movie or something. I can understand if they were trying to get a message across about domestic violence but to do in such a distasteful manner is simply uncalled for. 

Then the Superintendent releases this lackluster statement that to me was nothing but a pacification of what happened. I don't believe this matter will be looked into any further and I think they are going to sweep this under the rug. What I find to be strange is that these kids can get away with but an African American girl in Alabama or North Carolina I can't remember which had a science fair experiment that had a chemical reaction and they charged her with terrorism and expelled her from school. It was a complete accident and they treated like she had the intention of blowing up the school. It was ridiculously outrageous. To this day I don't think they've really resolved that issue. The girl is marked by this. She had a 4.0 grade average and was THE top student in her class. I don't understand why these kids can get away with this: something that was disrespectful, rude, and just flat out inappropriate for school and when this young lady was simply doing a science fair project and made a mistake. She got expelled and they basically got put in the news for their disgraceful antics. And this isn't the first time something this blatantly racist has been done Vlad Chituc a former student mentioned above said this has happened before. I wonder what what the incident was or did another set of students put on this same dumbass performance?

What do y'all think about this? What are you more upset about: the crude black face, the re-enactment of domestic violence, or the administration's reaction to it?

For me its all 3 but you tell me what you think! COMMENT BELOW!

Source: TheGrio & CNN